Goessel Council to consider speed change on Main Street

The Goessel city council met on November 19 and discussed the speed limit on Main Street. Currently, the speed limit is 30 mph. Some people feel that is too fast, especially near the schools. Therefore, the suggestion was made to lower the speed limit to 20 mph.

It was noted that drivers do not slow down near the schools, jeopardizing the safety of children who need to cross Main Street. The council discussed erecting signs designating school zones. The suggestion was made to double the fine for speeding in a school zone during the hours posted.

Mayor Dave Schrag expressed concern for children: “Now is the time to face the challenge of protecting our children, not just during the school year, but during the summer” as well. The proposal is for a lowered speed limit all year long, not just during school.

Noting that the elementary school is near the east end of town and the junior high/high school is closer to the west edge of town, the plan is to lower the speed limit all along Main Street, from Wheat Street to Alamo. Schrag felt that should encourage drivers to slow down and be “aware of our children on our streets.”

The council is communicating with the school about the matter.

The council plans to vote on a speed limit change at the December council meeting.

In other business, the council:

* noted that there is now a new crosswalk between the Harvest Meadows addition and the grade school.

* continued the discussion about a new Goessel sign to be erected near K-15. The council had looked at proposals from Boulder Designs, a company that makes signs from man-made rocks in a variety of shapes and colors. No decision was made about a sign at this meeting. The council and city employees will look into the matter further and research additional options. The discussion about a new sign will continue.

* heard from public works director Karen Dalke that one of the water wells had not been working. It has now been repaired and is working again. The pump was replaced, as well as the electrical wiring.

* heard that a clean-out had been located on the sewer line.

* heard that Dozer Doctors of Abilene had looked at the grader and backhoe, but no work has been done on either one at this point. The council discussed the work that needs to be done but made no decisions about repairs at this meeting.

* heard that work had been done on the sewer machine; a new gas tank was installed.

* heard from city clerk Jennifer Whitehead that the auditor would have a presentation about the audit at the next meeting.

* briefly discussed the budget.