Goessel council sets 2010 dates for large trash containers

The Goessel City Council set clean-up dates at its Jan 18 meeting for Dumpsters to be available at the city building.

The dates are June 18-19 and Sept. 17-18. The council briefly discussed having a recycling bin available on those dates as well.

Councilor Larry Schmidt said, ?If you have one on site, you have to have it manned.?

On another matter, the council heard public works employee Karen Dalke report that she is putting sand and gravel on the streets. She had also put eight scoops of asphalt millings on A Road, but that road was too muddy, and the millings sank in. She had ordered $2,600 worth of rock the day of the meeting.

The public was advised that work is being done on streets, but the mud is a hindrance, especially in shady areas. Dalke plans to attend an asphalt class in McPherson in February.

The council heard Jan Schmidt, representing Sunflower Apartments, explain water issues at the apartments. She said the apartments usually use about 15,000 gallons of water per month, but the city had billed for 44,800 gallons in December.

?This is…three times more than what we usually use,? Schmidt said. She had figured it would take one faucet to be open full force for 28 days straight, in addition to the regular usage, for that much water to be used. She did not think any residents had done that.

Councilor Jim Wiens suggested a low-cost ?process of elimination? idea for finding the problem. If his idea does not identify the problem, then another idea will be tried.

?We?re just as puzzled as you are,? Mayor Peggy Jay said.

Base said water meters work like windmills. A slow leak would not register on the meter, just like a slow wind will not make a windmill turn.

The city council decided not to provide for a shortfall to the library budget, since the city is also dealing with shortfalls from the state.

City Clerk Anita Goertzen said the library will receive 10 mills plus $740 in 2010. It was pointed out that some libraries receive two or three mills. The library is $1,019 short for 2009.

Goertzen had contacted other cities to inquire what they do under such circumstances. She had received replies from 16 cities. She was advised not to make up the difference for the library. She had also received a reply from Don Osenbaugh, League of Kansas Municipal?ities, who said the city is not obligated to be sure the library gets the full budgeted amount.

In other business, the council:

? changed the February meeting to Tuesday, Feb. 16, because the regular meeting date is a government holiday.

? commended Dalke for passing her sewer/wastewater tests and achieving certification.

? discussed health insurance for city employees because the premium had increased by 23.25 percent. Following executive session, the council agreed to pay a portion of that increase.

? heard that Goertzen and deputy clerk/court clerk Paula Flaming are planning to attend City Hall Day in Topeka in February. Transportation will be the only cost; the event is free for the clerks.

? discussed improvements at the lift station and burn site.

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