Goessel council reviews water issues

The Goessel City Council discussed water issues and funding possibilities during its April 17 meeting.

Rose Mary Saunders, a consultant with Ranson Financial, discussed options with the council. Saunders offered to help with grant writing, municipal bonds and other methods of funding.

Saunders talked briefly about back-flow preventers and sewer linings. She also said if there are enough breaks in the sewer line, it will put the pumps under stress. Even small cracks make a difference.

“It’s amazing how much will come through a hair-line crack,” she said.

City Clerk Jennifer Whitehead told the council that the city is pumping double the usual amount of water right now because of recent heavy rain.

Mayor Dave Schrag noted the urgency of the situation, and Councilor Kevin Klas­sen told the council the pumps do work, but they are being overworked. He advised the council to buy a spare pump.

The council decided to buy a pump and impellers. The impellers are necessary to push the water from the holding tank through the underground pipes out to the lagoon ponds.

Klassen also made a motion to televise and clean the entire sewer system. In the past, the council has authorized the televising and cleaning to be done in sections, focusing on certain parts of town each year. Now they plan to have the whole system televised and cleaned.

Public Works Director Karen Dalke said a leak had been found in a manhole recently. The cost for fixing it is $5,000.

Schrag said, “We’ve got it located; let’s get it fixed.”

Councilor Dean Snelling’s motion to fix the leak was carried.

Snelling said he has been watching the water flow coming into town from the north and east. Whitehead plans to invite Dane Bailey with the state to a meeting to discuss flooding issues.

Other business

In other business, the council:

• noted the burn ban during April. Farmers are allowed to burn pasture during the month, but other types of burning are not allowed in an effort to limit the amount of air pollution from smoke.

• officially installed Ben Schmidt as a new council member.

• heard from Dalke that the city of Moundridge had helped with a water issue recently. She expressed appreciation for the help. She said she came into town at 3 a.m. to work on a clogged line.

• heard from Dalke that Charlie Schwindamann, wastewater technician with Kansas Rural Water, had come that day.

“He’s the one who measured the sludge” at the sewer ponds, Dalke said. The sewer ponds will be desludged. Schwindamann told Dalke that Goessel’s sewer rate is cheap compared to other cities.

• heard from Whitehead that the state will not remap the upper Cottonwood River flood plain this fiscal year, due to budget issues.

• heard that Dalke had put rock on city streets. Schmidt had heard from residents that the rock is appreciated.

• denied a request for three dogs. City ordinance sets a limit of two dogs, and the council wished to uphold that ordinance.

• appointed Gus Rizzuto to the library board.

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