Goessel council reviews emergency water plan

The Goessel City Council discussed an emergency water plan for the city during its Sept. 19 meeting.

The document, prepared by City Clerk Jennifer White­head, is a detailed plan that lists “chain of command” and responsibilities in case of a water emergency.

It lists contact information for city employees, mayor, fire department, first responders, police department and city council, as well as county and state emergency personnel.

It also lists state agencies and mutual aid programs.

The document also includes a detailed lists that includes equipment inventory and business contacts for additional equipment. Some emergency equipment is available through the state.

The city owns three wells. Most of the water system was installed in 1963, although the current storage tank was installed in 2002.

The city has in place an agreement with Marion County Rural Water District No. 4 and has installed an emergency valve that would allow the city to use water from RWD No. 4 in case of a water emergency.

The council will study the water emergency document and update their telephone numbers so the contact list will be current.

Burn site

Council members discussed various unacceptable items that have been found at the burn site recently, such as propane tanks, trash, cans, garbage, garden hoses and plywood.

As a result, the council decided the burn site will be locked. Residents will need to request a key at the city office.

A new sign has been ordered for the burn site.

Other business

In other business, the council:

• rescheduled the clean-up day to Oct. 1 since the original date was the same day as the high school’s 90th anniversary celebration.

• noted there appeared to be little interest in a fall garage sale day.

• heard that a dog from town had been allowed to run loose and had gone out of town and killed some chickens.

• heard from Mayor Dave Schrag that there had been a break-in at the ball diamond concession building.

• briefly discussed a water reserve fund.

• heard of trouble with the sewer machine; the tank is leaking.

• heard from Councilor Larry Lindeman that he check the recycling bins, and the recycling effort seems to be going well.

• discussed the Harvest Meadows addition with city attorney Joshua Boehm. He offered advice about a covenant, but said there is no need for a home owners’ association since no property is jointly owned by multiple residents in that addition. He said a covenant could adequately address concerns at this point.

Schrag said the previous covenant had been 18 pages long and was not suited for the city of Goessel. Boehm discussed covenant wording for the use of satellite dishes and other issues. The wording of No. 14 of the covenant now states, “Only standard television antennas and satellite dishes shall be allowed.”

• heard Dalke had fixed a swing at the city park.

• heard that cleaning had been done at the park restrooms.

• heard water samples had been sent in for routine testing.

• talked with Randy Dallke, the city’s representative on the Marion County Board of Commissioners, about maintaining Alamo, which is called North State Street within city limits.

Currently, the county maintains the west half of that street, and the city maintains the east half.

• discussed the need for a shed for city equipment and emergency vehicles. James Voth and Sue Wadkins, representing EMS first responders, came to the meeting to discuss the need for a building.

The city does not have adequate space for all the equipment and vehicles that need to be housed within a building. Weather conditions caused some damage to the sewer equipment.

• approved the purchase of a new and more efficient copier for the city office with more features at a cost of $5,254.

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