Goessel council reviews dog ordinance

The Goessel City Council decided at its Sept. 21 meeting to put some teeth in its city ordinance that regulates the housing and care of dogs within city limits.

It had come to the attention of the council that five dogs were at times kept at the same residence in town, including one ?foster? dog. But the city?s ordinance states: ?No person shall keep more than two dogs on the same premises….?

The council noted that if a dog owner is visiting, the dog may visit too, for less than 30 days. The dog has to be with its owner; it cannot visit without the owner. Foster care of dogs is not allowed.

A kennel would consist of more than two dogs. Kennels are not allowed in town.

The public is reminded that all dogs over six months of age must be licensed every year. All dogs must be vaccinated against hydrophobia and rabies.

According to the ordinance, dog owners are required to show a current certificate of immunization by an accredited veterinarian before a license will be approved.

The ordinance also states that dogs ?shall be kept under restraint by the owner thereof at all times.? Council members noted that dogs running at-large can be taken to the dog pound. This would include not only dogs that reside in town, but also dogs that come into town from outside city limits.

In order to retrieve a dog from the pound, the owner would have to pay the pound fees and any applicable fines, and all vaccinations for that dog would have to be current. Owners have three business days to claim an impounded dog.

Street blockage

Turning their attention to another matter, council members discussed a semi-truck that is regularly parked on the mobile home court road. Councilor Dallas Boese said the semi blocks half the street.

A resident of the mobile home court had expressed concern to Boese that emergency vehicles would not be able to get through. Police Chief Joe Base informed the council: ?It?s a private street.? Therefore, the council suggested that mobile home park residents review the mobile home park covenant and talk to the park owner about the situation.

Other business

In other business, the council:

n discussed needs at the city park. Councilor Larry Schmidt reported: ?I need to look into getting two new baby swings.? Councilor Duane Duerksen suggested swings that can face the child either way.

n discussed the need for a skateboard ramp at the park. Schmidt said it could cost $450. It was suggested that the skateboarders pay $50 of that amount, and the skateboarders would build the ramp themselves. Schmidt has seen eight to 10 skateboarders at a time at the park.

n discussed asphalt millings for streets. Public Works Director Karen Dickerson said she tries to do it every year before Threshing Days. She said the budget for the millings has been spent.

Boese said, ?I?ve heard nothing but good comments about it.? He said the millings help reduce dust.

Councilor Jim Wiens cautioned that too much asphalt can become ?black mud,? and sometimes it turns into hard roadway that is impossible to grade.

n heard Base report as police chief that the department had issued multiple equipment warnings, three warnings for speed and one parking violation warning. It had investigated two suspicious vehicles, two theft reports, criminal damage to property, two juvenile cases, and worked with three juveniles on community service. The police made one arrest, unlocked one car door, and assisted EMS on a call.

Base reported he will have the hail damage fixed on the police car. He wrote a police department manual, which the council will review.

n heard Dickerson?s report about mosquito spray. She reported it costs $200 every time she sprays for mosquitoes. The chemical costs $75 a gallon, and it takes 21⁄2 gallons to spray the whole town.

?We?ve spent over $3,000,? she said, adding that she wondered if it does any good.

Boese replied, ?I do notice a difference…. I think you?re benefitting the town.?

In addition to spraying around town, Base noted that Dickerson always sprays before games, around practice fields, and at the grade school. He said the chemical is a ?contact? spray; it has to touch the mosquitoes.

?They?re thick everywhere we?ve got water standing,? Dickerson said.

n opened five bids for reroofing the city building. The shingles need to be replaced because of hail damage. The council awarded the job to the lowest bidder, Marlin Janzen of MJ Construction, for a total of $10,200. In addition to local bidders, one was from Sedgwick and one from Andover.

n discussed the creation of a community foundation, as had been suggested by Sandi Fruit and Marnette Hatchett of the Central Kansas Community Foundation. That organization serves Marion, McPherson and Harvey counties.

The council decided to conduct a survey to determine the community?s interest in such a foundation. The survey will be included in the city newsletter. It will also be sent with water bills and will be mailed to USD 411 constituents outside the city limits.

n approved a semi-load (25 tons) of boulder rocks to be used around the ?Welcome to Goessel? sign near Kansas Highway 15. The $520 cost for the rocks includes the hauling fee of $75 ($3 per ton).

n heard Dickerson report that work is being done on the water meters at the well.

n discussed copier bids but tabled a decision until next month?s meeting. City Clerk Anita Goertzen said the current copier makes crooked copies.

n approved adoption of the Standard Traffic Ordinance and the Uniform Public Offense Code.

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