Goessel council informed of Chisholm Trail plans

The Goessel City Coun?cil, at its Aug. 18 meeting, listened to Teresa Huffman, Marion County economic development director, explain plans for promoting the Chisholm Trail, which passes through Marion County.

Kansas Highway 15 is the designated route.

?The Santa Fe Trail has done a wonderful job,? she said, and suggested that the Chisholm Trail could be promoted more, too. She is hoping to get more Chisholm Trail signs and requested permission to erect a Chisholm Trail sign near the Goessel sign. The city will check into the matter.

She would like to promote the Marion County towns along the Chisholm Trail, specifically Goessel, Durham and Tampa.

If the cities help promote the trail, the trail will likewise help promote the cities. In addition to the signs, plans are under way for Chisholm Trail merchandise that can be sold in the Marion County towns.

Huffman commended Goessel and specifically mentioned the grocery store. She said it is rare that a town the size of Goessel would have a grocery store.

She is starting to make plans for a Chisholm Trail event in 2017.

?I?m trying to get the word out,? she said. ?It takes a long time to plan.?

Huffman said the tourism bus will be available at the time of the event.

The council briefly discussed geocaching with Huffman. She said, ?You find a treasure, and you leave a treasure. It?s something simple.?

K-215 maintenance

The council discussed the state?s proposal for Kansas High?way 215. The state owns the portion of highway that leads from K-15 to Main Street. The state currently maintains that highway, but the state wants to pay the city to take ownership and maintain it.

Mayor Dave Schrag advised the council not to rush to a decision. The council was asked to consider how the proposal might benefit the city or how it might burden the city.

Council members noted that it would benefit the state if the city would take ownership of K-215. They acknowledged the city would not be able to maintain K-215 at the same level that the state has been maintaining it. The thinking is that it would eventually become a ?chip and seal? surface like Main Street.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? decided to accept applications for the part-time police position. Pay will be determined by the applicant?s level of certification.

? discussed the fall city-wide garage sale, which is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 27.

? decided to provide ?roll-off? Dumpsters at the city building a week after the garage sale day. The dumpsters will be available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 4. Goering Enterprises will supply three bins for a cost of $250 plus the disposal fee.

? heard that water restrictions were still in effect and commended the football field for cutting back on water use.

? heard that the new water meter reader was working well. Public Works Director Karen Dalke and City Clerk Jennifer White?head both said the new reader works better for them than the old one did, although Whitehead said it took a lot of hours to set it up.

They showed the new reader to the council and explained how it works.

? discussed streets. Councilor Rollin Schmidt said some residents had told him they appreciate the asphalt product that had been applied to the streets because it helps to reduce dust. However, Dalke said the asphalt material creates a ?washboard? effect.

? wished to caution drivers to stop for people who are in the crosswalks. Dalke said she painted the cross walks before Threshing Days, and the cross walks will be painted again.

? noted that Buller Street signs are missing. The council was told the signs cost $20 or $30 each. Five signs are missing. The council decided to order signs.

? heard Councilor Larry Schmidt say the city park was used ?quite a bit? at Threshing Days time, noting that he had to clean it up afterward.

? heard from Schmidt that recycling is going great.

? heard about playground equipment for the city park.

? changed Whitehead?s court title from deputy court clerk to court clerk. She is now the city clerk and the court clerk and is authorized to work 36 hours a week.

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