Goessel council hears report of library participation

The Goessel City Council was informed at its Sept. 15 meeting that 211 children came to the summer reading program, which focused on science.

In her report to the council, library board member Tina Boese said on one day, 173 children and adults came to the city building in a two- or three-hour span.

Boese expressed appreciation to Bradbury Co. for donating safety glasses for the children in the summer reading program. Boese said the library raised almost $1,000 in donations to pay for the program.

Boese told the council that the library noted a 25 percent increase in reading by children. She said the library has videos that may be checked out at no cost.

The library purchased a digital projector with library funds and a grant. Boese said anyone is welcome to use the digital projector within the city building, although it may not be removed from the building.

The library also has three computers that anyone is welcome to use in the library.

Boese said the library pays half the cost of new computers for the library, and a grant pays the other half. She said the library has had some ?brown-out? problems, and that causes problems for computers and modems.

?We?ve got a lot of exciting things happening,? Boese said, adding that ?libraries are not just about books now.?

Boese said the library is applying for matching grants from Schwan?s and Wendy?s for children?s books. For a designated time, a portion of sales at the two companies can go toward the Goessel library.

Boese said two librarians and five volunteers help every week at the library.

The council also heard about problems at the water wells. Karen Dalke, public works director, said she received a call at 4:30 a.m. and immediately came to fix the problem, with the help of Kyle Funk. Funk ordered extra repair parts that will be available in case the city experiences similar problems again.

Dalke and Mayor Dave Schrag were also called late on Labor Day because of problems at the well house. Schrag told the council the city can have access to rural water in case the city?s water system does not work.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? heard City Clerk Jenni?fer Whitehead report that Goessel?s new website is ?up and running,? at goesselks.com. The mobile site also is available now and can be accessed by phone.

? discussed water issues with Chad Lindeman, who came to the meeting to represent the Goessel Recreation Commission.

Last month?s GRC water bill had been high, and the GRC asked for permission to put in an irrigation well at the baseball diamonds. The water would not be chlorinated and would be used only for irrigation.

The council will check into the matter to find out what regulations would apply, and they would like a cost estimate before making a decision.

? heard Councilor Larry Schmidt report that recycling bins have been full. They are unloaded twice a week. He said the public should note that the recycling bins are only for recyclable items, not household trash. Schmidt said he had found three bags of trash in the bins recently.

Dirty diapers, Styrofoam and other household trash items are not allowed in the recycling bins, he added.

? noted that everyone pays for trash services, whether or not they use it. The council also noted that businesses with large trash bins make their own arrangements for trash service.

? listened to Schmidt?s report about vandalism at the city park. He said someone had flipped picnic tables over and stacked them. Also, someone made a mess in one of the restrooms at the park; Schmidt cleaned it up.

Dalke said she had ordered swings for the park but received the wrong ones and had to send them back. The new swings have now been installed.

? discussed but did not make a decision about the state?s offer of $100,000 for K-215, the one-half mile portion of highway that leads into town.

? heard Dalke say she had fixed the rock sign at the baseball diamonds.

? heard that crosswalks have been painted again.

? noted that a tree had fallen into the creek during a recent storm. Dalke has removed it.

? heard that Dalke had fixed stop signs in the city.

? discussed the issue of over-hanging trees and noted that it is the responsibility of landowners to trim the branches so they do not obstruct the view of drivers and do not hit vehicles that drive past them.

? heard that the police department planned to do child-safety-seat enforcement checks later in the week.

? heard that Whitehead applied for a $460 scholarship to attend the clerk institute in November.

? passed the 2015 budget at a previous meeting in the amount of $922,352, which is an increase of only .051 mills for local taxpayers.

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