Goessel council commends effort to remove snow

The Goessel City Council commended public works director Karen Dalke during its Feb. 18 meeting for her snow removal work during the recent snow storm.

?I spent the night here,? Dalke said. ?I started at 4 in the morning.?

She said the grader did not stay warm. She even used cardboard to help block the wind.

?It was very cold,? Dalke said.

Council members said they had received comments from grateful drivers who appreciated the cleared streets. Some towns do not clear their streets.

Dalke expressed appreciation for the snow blower that the city purchased recently. In addition to the large equip?ment, the snow blower had been helpful for snow removal.

Turning its attention to another matter, the council spent considerable time discussing water-well issues with Brad Vincent of Groundwater Associates. Vincent talked about potential sites for a new well, both in town and out of town, especially west of Goessel.

Vincent said the presence of oil wells and salt water could influence where a well is dug.

?We have run into some unusual things in this area,? he said.

Mayor Dave Schrag said the city would like to test some water samples on city property in town before drilling a test well. Vincent agreed that would be a good idea. He said the biggest problems to test for would be chloride, hardness, iron, nitrates and manganese.

A test well would be the next step after the water testing. Vincent said test wells are a reasonable price and are ?some of the best money you can spend.? He said some test holes had been dug in town in 1962.

Vincent asked, ?Do you have some domestic wells around town??

Dalke said there are some. Councilor Jim Wiens said that almost every house had a well before the 1950s.

In other business, the council:

? heard that the Goessel Community Foundation planned to make a presentation of $1,500 to the city of Goessel at the Feb. 21 home basketball game. The money will help fund a skate park at the city park.

Councilor Larry Schmidt said he had gone to look at skate park equipment that is constructed similar to the equipment that Goessel is planning to order. The equipment he viewed seems to be holding up well.

?It looks to me like ours should last,? he said.

? decided by consensus to allow the Goessel Community Foundation to erect a sign that would call attention to the foundation and ask for donations.

Fern Bartel, a local artist, will paint the sign, which will feature an owl and have a thermometer that shows the foundation?s progress toward reaching the goal of $117,000 by the year 2017. Plans are for the sign to say: ?Be wise; leave a legacy.?

? discussed acquiring heavy-duty picnic tables for the city park. The council decided to get 8-foot tables instead of the 6-foot tables that had been considered earlier. The council decided to purchase four tables for a total cost of $3,200. The money will come from the equipment reserve fund.

? approved a resolution that urges the state to keep city elections in the spring.

City Clerk Anita Goert?zen said the Kansas League of Munici?palities is asking cities pass a resolution urging the state not to move city and school board elections to the fall.

KLM is opposed to that plan, thinking that non-partisan city and school elections would ?get lost? if they are moved to the fall and combined with state and national elections. There is also concern that local elections would become partisan elections.

? changed the date of the city-wide clean-up day to June 28. Goertzen said the alternate date the city had requested was already scheduled with the waste haulers with another city.

? heard the police department report that it had issued one speeding ticket during the past month. Officers responded to a parking complaint and a false alarm, helped with a Marion County sheriff call to Goessel, a break-in at two businesses in Goessel, and dealt with juvenile cases.

? declined to support a motion to allow chickens within the city limits. The city had received several requests to allow it. The council spent considerable time discussing the matter. The motion to allow chickens in town died for lack of a second.

? discussed water drain?age issues in light of the melting snow. Some residences have been experiencing such problems.

? heard from Goertzen that the city will have to find another Web host since the service with Blue Skyways will cease June 1.

? approved a request to annex a parcel of ground. The property is already surrounded by city property, but had never been annexed.

Tonya Richards of the Marion County zoning office attended the meeting to discuss the situation. The property was sold recently, and the new owners would like to build a house there and move to Goessel. Their children are already in school at Goessel.

Schrag said ?we would love? to have the property annexed to the city. The council discussed with Richards the costs of annexing and hooking up to city utilities prior to its decision.

? passed Resolution 14-05, annual formality exempting the city from abiding by ?generally accepted accounting principles.?

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