Goessel council addresses dog waste

The Goessel City Council discussed the issue of dog litter on city sidewalks during its Oct. 20 meeting.

Councilor Larry Lindeman said he had received four complaints of dog litter on city sidewalks in the past two weeks. Some people had stepped in it.

The council encourages gog owners to carry a bag and a scoop with them to clean up the mess when they walk their dogs.

If the problem continues, the council acknowledged they may need to pass an ordinance that would require dog owners to clean up their dog messes.

The council discussed the possibility of installing an ?outdoor pet station??receptacle for dog walkers to deposit their bag of pet waste.

Streets discussion

The council invited Rose?mary Saunders, a senior consultant with Ranson Finan?cial Consultants in Wichita, to discuss possible funding options for repaving Main Street in the future.

Saunders mentioned three funding options: a Kansas Department of Commerce Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Rural Development Community Facility Program and general obligation bonds.

According to Saunders, a CDBG would require the city to conduct a door-to-door survey to determine eligibility based on income. It is a matching grant; it would not provide full funding. The matching money could be funded through a loan or bond.

The council continued street discussion with Randy Dallke, Marion County commissioner. He invited the council to ?let us know? if it needs help.

?If you need me here, I’ll be here,? he said.?

The council made no decisions about streets at this meeting.

Water rates

The council delayed action on water rates. City Clerk Jennifer Whitehead had prepared data on the city?s water rates compared to the Kansas state average. The state?s minimum average is $13.27, compared to Goessel?s minimum rate of $9.85.

The state?s minimum average for 5,000 gallons of water plus the minimum is $25.53, compared to Goessel’s $21.09 rate.

Whitehead compared the state?s average rates and Goessel?s rates for 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 30,000 gallons. Goessel?s rate is lower for every amount.

Consequently, Goessel has had more water expenditures than water receipts. The year-to-date expenditures for the water fund total $82,695, while the year-to-date receipts have been only $81,638, for a year-to-date deficit of $1,057.80.

It was noted that if the city would apply for a water grant, it would not qualify because the water rates are too low.

Ballfield irrigation

On a related note, the council discussed the possibility of drilling a well for watering the baseball diamonds. Mayor Dave Schrag had found it might cost $19 a foot to drill one. No one knows at this time how deep a well might need to be.

Councilor Jim Wiens suggested an ?exploratory well? at the ballfield to see if water might be available. He said a well for the ball diamonds would take some pressure off the city?s wells.

Public Works Assistant Cindy Gaddis suggested more baseball activities at the ball field: ?Is there any way we can use it more than two months out of the year??

It was noted that the concession building at the baseball field is available for rent year-round. Lindeman said the city office can be contacted for information about cost and for the key.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? heard that the city cleanup day had gone well. Some residents had asked if the city could hold a cleanup day more than twice a year. Schrag said it is to the city?s benefit to have a clean town.

Currently, the city has been organizing two cleanup days per year. The city will look into adding a third cleanup day.

? heard from Councilor Larry Schmidt that recycling was going well, although someone had brought trash to the recycling bins. Also, Styrofoam packing had been found in the recycling bins, as well as cat litter. Those items are not allowed.

? heard from Public Works Director Karen Dalke that new weather stripping had been applied to the library door. The door still leaks, and the carpet has been getting wet.

Dalke found that the door might not be adjusted properly and is looking into fixing the situation.

The library?s carpet is still original. Since money had been budgeted for library carpet, the suggestion was made to replace the existing one.

? heard there had been vandalism at the city park.

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