Goessel council addresses additional burn site issues

The Goessel City Council discussed the city’s burn site during its Oct. 17 meeting.

Councilor Dean Snelling said he checks the site every day. He has noticed that some people are dumping grass clippings on the gravel road instead of at the proper place. Also, someone dumped unacceptable material at the burn site again.

The council also discussed issues at the lagoon ponds. Councilor Kevin Klassen said one lagoon pond was not draining to the next one. Mayor Dave Schrag had tried to help find the problem. He wondered if there might be a problem with the clay pipe.

Public Works Director Karen Dalke was able to “jet” through the line with a sewer machine to unclog it so sewer pond could drain to the next one.

Other business

In other business, the council:

• heard there had been some problems with the new LED sign that was erected recently. It seems to be working now. The council noted the sign is only for Goessel community events.

• heard that someone broke into the concession stand building at the baseball diamond. The suspects have been identified, and the sheriff’s department is now handling the situation.

• heard that the city police responded to a domestic disturbance call and also some car burglaries.

• learned the city will need to purchase new radios because the county will switch to a new frequency sometime in 2017.

• discussed an issue with water lines causing problems when the water was shut off on a house.

• heard from City Clerk Jennifer Whitehead that she would be hosting the annual meeting for the cities that use Custom Micro Works computer software. The group meets once a year with the software developer. The meeting will be Nov. 4.

• heard that Whitehead plans to attend the City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association training meetings Nov. 14-18. The city office will be closed during that time.

• heard the city’s computer had to be replaced after it crashed. The data has been transferred to the new computer. Schrag suggested buying a new computer every three years as the city depends on it for many things.

• discussed options for selling the Harvest Meadows lots. Schrag said 13 of the 14 lots in the addition are still empty. The city now owns those 13 lots.

Schrag said covenants are now in place for Harvest Meadows. He reminded the council that the city had spent $400,000 on that addition when it was built, but he said the previous owner had not paid taxes or “specials” in the 10 years since it was built. Therefore, the city has not received any return on that investment.

The council is hoping to recoup the $400,000 by selling the 13 remaining lots.

• discussed a vacant house that needs to be torn down. Councilor Larry Lindeman said “critters” were emerging from the structure.

• authorized the installation of two electrical receptacles in the library for equipment.

• discussed the part-time position of city building custodian. That person will also clean the restrooms at the baseball diamonds and the city park.

• heard the city applied for water rights for the well at the baseball diamonds.

• discussed the need for a building that could house city equipment and vehicles.

• spoke with Tom Brit­ton, who attended the meeting as a candidate for the Second District county commissioner position.

• passed Ordinance No. 269, which refers to codification of the city’s ordinances. The ordinance mentions the acquisition of property and improving streets. It also refers to general taxes and special assessment taxes, authorizing bonds and contracts.

The ordinance establishes the limits of the city and refers to ordinances that change the zoning classification of any property within the city limits. The ordinance states that the purpose of it is for “convenience and orderly arrangement.”

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