Goessel confirms plan for document shredding day

The Goessel City Council solidified plans during its March 17 meeting to bring a shredding service to Goessel for several days.

City Clerk Anita Goert?zen said residents can toss materials for shredding in locked containers that will be available in the city building from April 21 to April 24.

Some residents had asked about having a shredding service available again, and expressed appreciation that the city offered it in the past.

Wild Cat Shredding will bring locked boxes to the city building. The boxes will be available to the public during office hours. Wild Cat will pick up the boxes and shred the papers.

Goertzen informed the council that the citywide garage sale will be June 7, and the citywide cleanup day will be June 28. Usually, the garage sale and cleanup dates are closer together, but it did not work out that way this year because of scheduling the trash pick-up service.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? heard that city police had issued two speeding tickets and one verbal warning for speed. Two county sheriff calls were made to Goessel.

? were informed the police planned to attend a domestic violence seminar.

? heard that the police signed up for the county-wide emergency service. The Government Emergency Telecommunications Service is offered at no cost to the city by the Depart?ment of Homeland Secur?ity?s Office of Emergency Communica?tions. It is for landline communication services in times of crisis, such as a tornado.

? unanimously approved Ordinance 253, which annexes a parcel of ground to the city. The property is surrounded by city property but had never been annexed to the city.

The property is officially described as Lot 16, Block B of Centennial Addition. Tonya Richards, of the Marion County zoning office, attended last month?s meeting to discuss the situation.

The new owners of the property would like to build a house there and move to Goessel. Their children attend school at Goessel. Both the city and the property owners will benefit by the annexation.

? heard that Goertzen plans to attend the Kansas Rural Water association meeting March 25-27, along with public works director Karen Dalke and public works employee Cindy Gaddis.

? briefly discussed the hand-held meter readers the city uses.

? heard from councilors Larry Schmidt and Rollin Schmidt that recycling is going well.

? heard that the mobile home park has been purchased by two people who live in Hesston.

Goertzen said the street that goes through the mobile home park is private property that is meant to be used only by residents of the mobile home park; it is not a city-owned street. However, some drivers have been using it as a city street.

Goertzen had been asked who pays for rock for that street. Since the city does not own it, it is not the city?s responsibility. Goertzen said the city has an easement on that street for a water line that runs through the middle of it.

? discussed but made no decision about naming the street that runs through the mobile home park. Goertzen said it would be easier for drivers of delivery services and emergency vehicles if that street would be named and a sign erected.

? heard that Goessel needs rental houses for families to rent.

? heard that water at the east end of town would be shut off temporarily when Kaufman Trenching comes to town to replace two water meters at Bethesda Home.

? discussed the electric bill for the shelter house at the park. Goertzen noticed that the latest bill is double the usual amount. She will check into the matter.

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