Goessel city council reviews water system needs

The Goessel city council discussed the city’s water system with Jesse Sullivan of BG Consultants from Hutchinson during its Dec. 19 meeting.

Sullivan is studying the city’s water situation in an effort to help Goessel obtain a grant for upgrading the system. City employees, city council members and Sullivan offered suggestions for what needs to be done.

Karen Dalke, public works director, suggested that fire hydrants and the water system on Church and Buller streets be a priority.

City Clerk Jennifer White­head said water meters need to be replaced too. Mayor Dave Schrag echoed those concerns for new meters and new fire hydrants.

Sullivan mentioned 16 fire hydrants that need to be replaced. Dalke said the city has only three fire hydrants that are good. She said some of the fire hydrants were installed in the 1950s and have never been replaced.

Dalke said the Kansas Department of Health and Environment recommends replacing water meters every seven or eight years.

She said water valves need to be replaced also. Dalke said she has already replaced six valves on Church Street.

Sullivan presented several options for a water project. He suggested replacing every cast iron pipe with a six-inch PVC pipe. He said KDHE recommends a six-inch water line for every line that has a fire hydrant.

Sullivan suggested that all the water lines be six-inch lines, except Bethesda Home’s water line, which should remain an eight-inch line.

Sullivan’s report was a preliminary study, and his findings can be useful for a grant application. Bids will be obtained when details of the grant project have been clarified.

The council also discussed the city’s wells. Dalke said the city’s wells are designed to pump 55 gallons of water a minute, and the wells are working. There is not enough water to support bigger wells.

Someone had suggested digging deeper wells, but Dalke has been advised that the water at a deeper level would not be good.

“We’re at the end of the equus beds,” Schrag said.

Schrag and Whitehead mentioned the possibility of a well at the baseball diamonds and Kansas Depart­ment of Agriculture require­ments on such a well.

Whitehead said the city could be fined $20,000 a day if it is out of compliance with the Department of Agricul­ture. The city is following all requirements. Whitehead said all residents within a half mile of a possible well at the baseball diamonds would need to be informed.

Schrag said a baseball diamond well would pull water from the same underground source as those individual wells. However, residents only have water rights if they own a certain amount of property.

The city will check into the matter further.

Other business

In other business, the council:

• heard that a meter had been replaced on the water system lift station.

• heard from Whitehead that arrangements have been made to tear down a vacant, run-down house.

• heard that Schrag had contacted Van Schmidt about being the real estate agent for the Harvest Mea­dows addition.

• listened to Schrag explain telephone company work. He said Moundridge Telephone Co. is installing fiber optic that will go to every house in town, and IdeaTek is installing fiber only to those who sign up with IdeaTek. Schrag said IdeaTek will not go to a quadrant if not enough people in that area sign up for it.

• heard that Dalke and Councilor Duane Adrian had fixed the back door on the city shop.

• discussed replacing the city’s Christmas lights.

• briefly discussed the day for Santa Claus to appear at the city building next year, probably not on a Saturday again.

• met in executive session and voted in open session to give a Christmas bonus to all city employees.

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