Goessel calls public meeting to discuss forming a community foundation

Goessel Mayor Peggy Jay announced at the May 18 city council meeting that an informational meeting has been set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 3, to discuss the possibility of forming a community foundation.

The community is encouraged to attend.

The community is reminded that the city-wide garage sale will be Saturday, June 12. The city-wide clean-up day is scheduled for the following Saturday, June 19, with a Dumpster arriving the previous day.

Recycling will be available for anyone in the community from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. June 19. A shredder will be available for only city residents from 8 a.m. to noon the same day.

On another matter, the council discussed possible street and parking improvements in front of Keith?s Foods. Joe Base, police chief and public works employee, talked about leveling the area so the ?drop? off the sidewalk would not be so steep.

He said the drop now is 8 inches at some places, and vehicle bumpers sometimes hit the sidewalk.

Base was checking into using concrete to raise the level of that area.

?Concrete would give us good material for painting parking lines,? he said.

When Councilor Duane Duerksen asked if flooding would be a problem if the parking area would be raised, Base said, ?I don?t think so.?

Councilor Dallas Boese said the community should be alerted that the project will interfere with parking at the store for about a week.

Council members expressed regret for any inconvenience the project might cause, but Councilor Larry Lindeman also noted: ?I think it?s something that would benefit the community. I don?t see any reason why we shouldn?t (do it).?

The city will obtain bids for the project, and the council authorized Base and public works employee Karen Dalke to hire the contractor with the lowest bid.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? passed Ordinance 229, which states in part, ?The safe speed limit for Main Street west of Wheat Street shall be set at 30 miles per hour.? For many years, the speed limit in that area had been 40 mph.

The ordinance also declares that the speed limit on other streets ?is and shall be set at 20 miles per hour.” The council briefly discussed lowering the speed on Main Street to 20 mph but decided against it.

? heard in the police report from Base that his department had investigated one suspicious vehicle report, multiple dog complaints, one trespassing report, one dog bite case, one sexual abuse report, one domestic case and two bank alarms.

Officers also had located a stolen vehicle in town and dealt with a broken power pole on Main Street that was damaged in a thunder storm.

? accepted the resignation of Tim Boese as part-time police officer.

? discussed resident violations at the burn site. City Clerk Anita Goertzen noted that trash had been dumped there recently. Dalke saw nails, staples, plastic bottles and a chair.

?I went last night and saw the gate open,? Jay said. The council discussed possible consequences for violators.

? briefly discussed Threshing Days. Councilor Jim Wiens said a Low-German meal would be served, and there will be food in the prep school.

Lindeman wondered if any Main Street activities would be planned for the evening of Threshing Days. Wiens assured the council, ?There will be some entertainment Saturday night.?

? heard Lindeman express appreciation that the county had fixed State Street.

? heard that the city had received complaints about farm animals in town. Dalke reported that a stock trailer with pigs and chickens had been parked on B Road. Concern had been expressed whether the animals were staying there or passing through.

? heard a concern from Boese that a vehicle in the trailer park has been missing a wheel ?for months.? He said the vehicle is propped up by a rotting tree trunk.

?We have a city ordinance against vehicles like that,? he said and expressed concern for safety.

? heard from Councilor Larry Schmidt that the city park has been rented and used ?quite a bit.? He thanked Dalke for fixing the swing so quickly.

? authorized Dalke to buy three boxes of the crosswalk material. Dalke said the public works department has been spending about $200 a year on paint for crosswalks. Workers paint the crosswalks twice a year, but Dalke said the paint does not last long.

She said she has learned of a better material that Newton, McPherson and Wellington have recommended. Those cities have a material that is melted to the pavement for their crosswalks.

Dalke had been told that the durable material will last ?forever? unless a snow plow rips it up. She said it costs $280 for a box of strips. She estimated she would need three boxes to do all the crosswalks in town.

She also would need to rent a ?melter? machine for $85 from Painting Maintenance in Wichita. That would be a total of $925 for the new material.

? made no decision on proposals presented by Robert Gelszat, AFLAC insurance representative, about insurance for city workers. He said he works mostly with accident, liability and cancer policies.

His company offers a family policy of $10.30 per week for those under 35 years, $11.20 per week for those 36 and older. He also said his company offers a dental policy for people aged 18 to 70 for $7.02 per week. The council made no decision regarding insurance at this meeting.

? established the Citizen?s State Bank as the official depository institution.

? entered into executive session for 50 minutes to discuss other appointments. In public session, the council tabled appointments for attorney, municipal judge, police chief, city clerk and court clerk until the next meeting.

? viewed Dalke?s pictures of water-system work that had been done lately. She described problems with valves and said she chose to ?freeze? a line recently rather than shut off water for the whole town. She said that Moundridge has a freeze machine.

?It?s going to cost you extra,? she said. Dalke said the valves need to be replaced. Valve replacement will cost $2,700 to $3,000.

? heard Jay report that resident Anton Epp had a concern about automatic sprinklers that do not shut off when it rains.