Goessel benefits from church ‘community service day’

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Goessel Public Works Director Karen Dalke expressed appreciation during the Sept. 21 city council meeting for the projects members of Alexander?wohl Mennonite Church accomplished during its service day Sept. 20.

Dalke said the volunteers helped individual homeowners, worked at Sunflower Apartments, visited residents of Bethesda Home, and found other ways to help out in town.

Dalke also noted that men of the community gather on a regular basis, and she suggested it would be a nice gesture from the city to provide a place for women of the community to gather, too.

Dalke said a number of older women live alone and might appreciate an opportunity to interact with others.

After discussing the matter, the council decided the community room in the city building will be available every other Friday at 9 a.m. starting Oct. 9.

Other business

In other business, the council:

n designated Oct. 3 for the city-wide garage sale date and Oct. 10 for city-wide clean-up day; trash bins will be located at the city building.

n appointed Amy Rosfeld as city building custodian.

n appointed Duane Adrian to finish the term vacated by Councilor Larry Schmidt. Schmidt?s council duties at the city park included cleaning the shelter house and restrooms, replacing light bulbs, making sure all equipment was accounted for.

n had read in the newspaper that the Harvest Meadow development would be sold at a sheriff’s sale because the developer fell behind in taxes. The city had not been contacted about the sale, although the city has a substantial investment in the development. The city will look into the matter further.

n discussed the matter of stolen street signs. Dalke will replace the signs that are missing. But she said, ?Last time, they didn?t last five days.?

The signs each cost $15, and some brackets were broken. Brackets cost $20.

Councilor Larry Linde?man said he received complaints that delivery people can?t find some residences because of the missing signs. The council did not have a solution for stopping the thefts.

n discussed the issue of drivers driving too fast on some city streets and decided the city will install more speed limit signs.

n heard again that the sewer ponds need to be cleaned out. Dalke said it will cost $130,000. The council did not make a decision at this meeting.

n heard that the city?s water samples are fine. Dalke mentioned the city wells are 60 feet deep.

n heard from Mayor Dave Schrag that a 120-foot test well had been dug between the two baseball diamonds, but the ?results were not very good.? The test well pumped only 20 gallons per minute; Schrag had hoped for 150 gallons per minute.

n heard that water leaks had been fixed at A-B Road and Main Street.

n heard about a water leak at the city park. Dalke said she will winterize the park next month.

n heard from Dalke that some fire hydrants are not shutting off and need to be replaced. Water would have to be shut off for a day in order to put in a shut-off valve. She said the rubber stoppers are old and do not seal. Council member Jeff Boese asked if they are repairable. Dalke said no.

n heard that bugs had caused the siren at the east end of town to malfunction recently.

n met with a property owner prior to the council meeting to discuss property that has not been maintained. The council discussed the need to demolish the dilapidated house.

n deferred action regarding the purchase of a lawn mower from Excel Indus?tries in Hesston. Adam Mullet, representing Excel, described the Super Z and Super Z Hyper-Drive models. The council and Mullet discussed engine types, cutting widths, discharge options, a light and flasher kits, tires and a hitch kit.

n reviewed the police report. One contact had been made, one case had been worked, and one arrest had been made.

n authorized City Clerk Jennifer Whitehead to attend the clerk?s institute in November in Wichita.

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