Five Hillsboro residents arrested on drug charges

Five Hillsboro residents were arrested May 6 with two accused of possession and intent to distribute marijuana and three others with possession of marijuana.

Hillsboro Police Chief Dan Kinning on Friday said, “information was collected,” which resulted in obtaining and executing a search warrant at 703 S. Washington.

“We arrived at 6 a.m. Wednesday,” Kinning said.

Those charged with possession and intent to distribute marijuana included Jose A. Ruano, 25, and Micah D. Mashburn, 22.

The three charged only with possession of marijuana were Bruce A. Smith, 23, Jonah G. McKee, 23, and Cayla L. Voegeli, 22.

“Another person might be charged, but was not immediately charged with the other five,” Kinning said.

After a first court appearance on Wednesday, all five were released on bond, Kinning said.

For Ruano and Mashburn, the alleged possession and intent to distribute is a felony charge, he said. The other three individuals were charged with misdemeanors.

“A person charged with intent to distribute depends on the type of paraphernalia found, such as scales and packaging,” Kinning said. “And if the amount of marijuana found is over certain amounts, it is automatically a charge of intent.”

With three of the people originally from other states before arriving in Hillsboro, Kinning said the marijuana arrest wouldn’t be a severe penalty.

“But in Kansas it is illegal,” he said.

If convicted for possession of marijuana, which is a Class B misdemeanor, the accused could face up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000 for a first offense.

Intent to sell or distribute marijuana, according to Kan­sas law, for a weight less than 25 grams is a drug severity Level 4 felony, and could be punishable by 14 months probation, and up to 51 years imprisonment and a fine not to exceed $300,000.

Kansas also has a marijuana tax stamp law, which mandates that those who possess marijuana are legally required to purchase and affix state-issued stamps onto contraband. Failure to comply could result in a fine or criminal sanction.

Kinning said the local investigation is continuing.

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