Farewell set for Goessel city clerk

The Goessel City Council decided at its May 19 meeting to set Friday, June 20, as the date for a come-and-go farewell reception for City Clerk Anita Goertzen.

The reception, marking her 24 years of service to the city, will be from 2-5 p.m. in the city building community room.

Goertzen began working for Goessel in 1990 as the utility billing clerk. She became city clerk in 1996. She will end her employment at the end of June. Goertzen and husband Arlen are moving to Colorado.

The council also discussed its water warning. Even though some rain has fallen recently, the area is still considered in a drought, and the city is still under a Stage 2 warning.

As a result, addresses with odd numbers may water on odd-numbered days, and addresses with even numbers may water on even-numbered days.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? welcomed Jennifer Whitehead as the new city clerk ?in training.? Her first day was May 19, and her hours will increase to full-time in July.

? reappointed Greg Nikkel as municipal judge, Marilyn Wilder as city attorney and Donna Cook as city treasurer.

? reviewed the police report: two warnings for illegal parking, five tickets and nine verbal warnings for speeding. Two of the tickets were for speeders driving 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. Police also checked on a semi that was broken down for four hours at the K-15/215 intersection because of a broken axle.

? viewed a sample of a new website for the city that Fern Bartel had created. She used the library?s new projector for her council presentation.

?I really enjoy the creative process,? she said.

The city did have a Web page with Blue Skyways, but the state is discontinuing that as of June 1. Laura Daily had maintained that website, and the council expressed appreciation for her service.

Wix is the new Web host that the city is considering. Pictures and a Goessel city map would be included on the site. Wix charges a monthly fee of $8.85, and a Facebook page is linked to the website.

Mayor Dave Schrag said, ?This is user-friendly.?

Councilor Jim Wiens said the city will have to reregister the city?s domain name with Wix every year or two. He estimated the cost for re-registering at around $20.

? viewed a DVD of the water tower. Public Works Director Karen Dalke said the inspector has determined that the water tower is ?very good.? She encouraged council members to take the DVD home and view the inspection more closely.

? talked at length about water lines. The council specifically discussed the need for new water lines along Buller Street.

Councilor Dean Snelling mentioned numerous splices along that street and suggested getting bids to replace the line. Taps would have to be replaced, too. Dalke said the city also needs another valve on Church Street.

? heard that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment ruled that a well cannot be constructed in town.

? heard that the gas company is moving service lines and meters from the curb closer to the house or business. Dalke said the gas company will fix concrete and replace grass that is damaged by their project.

?They want to make everyone happy,? Dalke said.

Councilor Larry Linde?man asked who pays if the gas company hits a water line. Dalke said the gas company would pay. She said the ?gas company is here for another five or six weeks.?

? voted down a proposed ordinance that would allow chickens within the city. The proposed ordinance addressed the number of chickens and how far away they had to be from neighboring buildings.

It specified that ?any yard enclosure shall be so constructed and maintained that any animal kept therein is securely confined and prevented from escaping therefrom.?

After discussion, two council members voted for the ordinance allowing chickens, and three voted against it. Therefore, chickens are not allowed within the city of Goessel.

? briefly discussed the skateboard park. The city is waiting for approval from the insurance company.

? noted nuisance and junk vehicle violations.

? heard that the city office will be closed June 5 because of Kan-Office meetings in Hesston that day.

? was updated on the cemetery stone that had been damaged by a car. After nine months, the marble stone arrived. The family was contacted and decided to have the lettering in English instead of German because German letters on the original stone were too worn to get accurate ?rubbings.?

? heard that the chain at the burn site is missing.

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