Fair Results (Aug. 12, 2009)


4-H Club floats: 1. Goessel Goal Getters, 2. South Cottonwood, 3. Tampa Triple Ts.

Other floats – church, civic, individual: 1. Brenda?s Bloomers, 2. Hillsboro Farmer?s Market, 3. St. Luke.

Decorated grade-school-age entry (bicycle, dog, cat, pony): 1. Marion County 4-H Horse Club, 2. Kara Martin & Brother.



Field crops

Wheat, 1 qt: Dylan Deines red, Justin Deines white.

Oats, 1 qt: Justin Deines red, Carly Deines red.

Corn, 8 ears: Grant Evans red, Greg Washmon red, Donna Spoonmore red.

Grain sorghum, 8 heads hybrid, open pollinated: Krispense Brothers red.

Sunflower, 1 head: Karyn Leihy blue; Amy Bayes blue.

Honey, 1 qt: Norman Ensz blue.


Potatoes, 6: Jacob Peterson blue; Sharon Wiens red.

Potatoes, white or red: Sharon Bartel blue, Sharon Wiens red.

Onions, 6: Jacob Peterson blue, Sharon Bartel blue, Sharon Wiens blue.

Cucumbers, 6 any variety: Sharon Bartel blue, Jacob Peterson red; Karen Wiens red, Harold Kasper white.

Beans, 6: Ruth Ann Penner blue; Kelli Willis red.

Squash, 1: Ruth Ann Penner red.

Tomatoes: Ruth Ann Penner blue, Harold Kasper red, Karen Wiebe red.

Other vegetable: Amy Bayes blue, Saje Bayes red, Isaac Bayes red.


Pumpkin, 1 large, small: Craig Boese blue; Maddie Brown red.

Pumpkin, 1 ornamental: Amy Bayes red.

Cantaloupe, 1 any variety: Mikayla Lare red.

Large garden display: Ruth Ann Penner blue; Mikayla Lare blue; Kolton Lare red.

Best garden display: Ruth Ann Penner.




Yeast breads

Whole wheat: Kolton Lare red.

Zwiebach, 4: Rosella Suderman blue & reserve champion, Alice Jost blue, Karen Wiens blue, Shirley Kasper blue.

Dinner rolls, 4: Karen Wiens blue.

Pan rolls, 4: Sharon Bartel blue.

Other rolls, 4: Sharon Bartel blue; Jared Barney red, Katie Evans red.

Cinnamon rolls, 4: Sharon Bartel blue, Alice Jost blue, Karen Wiens blue.

Other sweet rolls, 4: Kalen Moss blue.

Best of yeast breads: Sharon Bartel.

Quick breads

Banana bread: Alice Jost blue, Kalen Moss blue.

Zucchini bread: Ruth Ann Penner blue.

Other quick bread: Sharon Bartel blue, Mikayla Lare red.


Sugar, 4: Mary Leihy blue, SaRae Roberts blue.

Peanut butter, 4: SaRae Roberts blue.

Chocolate chip, 4: Maddie Brown blue, Rebekah H. blue, Kolten Lare blue, SaRae Roberts blue, Teresa Hill red, Karyn Leihy red, Kiersten Kalua red.

Oatmeal, 4: Sharon Bartel blue, Kalen Moss blue.

No bake, 4: Kelli Dyck blue, Taylor Helmer blue, Ruth Ann Penner blue.

Holiday/party, 4: Ruth Ann Penner blue.

Other cookies, 4: Zach Barney blue, Karla Kunantaev blue, Kolten Lare blue, Valerie Klassen blue, SaRae Roberts blue, Mikayla Lare red.

8? decorated cookie: Mary Leihy blue, Taylor Helmer blue, Ruth Ann Penner red.

Best decorated 8? cookie by youth: Mary Leihy.

Bars, 4: Ruth Ann Penner blue.

Best cookie jar: Melody Peugh.


Coffee cake: Rebekah H. blue.

Any other cake: Melody Peugh red.

Decorated: Samantha Moss red.

Cupcakes, 4: Samantha Moss red.

Other: Melody Peugh blue.


Apple: Teresa Hill red.

2-fruit combination: Emily Miller red.

Other fruit pie: Rosella Suderman blue, Shirley Kasper blue.



Tomato: Shirley Kasper blue.

Salsa: Sharon Schroder blue & champion, Shirley Kasper blue.

Jellies, jams, preserves

Strawberry jam: Elfrieda Fast blue.


Dill cucumbers: Jacob Peterson red.

Bread & butter: Kelli Willis blue.

Sweet relish: Kelli Willis blue.

Other pickled: Kelli Willis blue, Shirley Kasper blue.




Hand quilted: Betty Barr blue, Flo Rahn blue, Irene Seibel blue, Shirley Kasper blue, Bonnie Vinduska blue, Joy Waldbauer red.

Machine quilted: Flo Rahn blue; Joy Waldbauer red.

Appliqu?d: Betty Barr blue, Alice Jost blue.

Embroidered: Alvena Bartel blue.

Pieced: Alvena Bartel blue, Norma Klemm blue, Flo Rahn blue, Charlene Driggers blue, Joy Waldbauer red, Bonnie Hamm red.

Crazy quilt: Joy Waldbauer red.

Lap quilt: Flo Rahn blue, Alvena Bartel blue, Joy Waldbauer red.

Restored quilt: Bonnie Vinduska, blue.

Senior citizen: Alvena Bartel blue.

Crib quilt: Janet Matz blue, Flo Rahn blue, Bonnie Vinduska blue, Joy Waldbauer red.

Other quilt: Mary Dudley blue, Betty Barr blue, Bonnie Vinduska blue, Bonnie Hamm blue.

Best quilt: Norma Klemm.

Wall hanging quilt

Original: Sheryl Lehr blue.

Pieced: Charlene Driggers blue, Elfreda Fast blue, Flo Rahn blue.

Embroidered: Tana Riffel blue, Alvena Bartel blue.

Other wall hanging: Joy Waldbauer blue, Alvena Boese blue.

Best wall hanging: Elfrieda Fast.


Crocheted afghan: Sandy Bartel blue, Karen Erhlich blue.

Pillowcases, pair: Karyn Leihy blue, Rubena Wiebe blue.

Table runner, any form: Shirley Kasper blue, Flo Rahn blue, Karen Ehrlich blue.

Tea towels, 3: Rubena Wiebe blue, Alice Jost blue.

Pillow top: Johnny Zieammerman blue, Karen Ehrlich blue, Brooklyn Wiens blue, Alice Jost blue.

Stuffed toy: Karen Ehrlich blue.

Crocheted baby item: Karen Ehrlich blue.

Crocheted doiley: Karen Ehrlich blue.

Other knitted item: Tena Loewen

Other crocheted: Karen Ehrlich blue.

Other hand work: Tena Loewen red


Child dress: Mary Leihy blue, Karyn Leihy blue.

Infant bib: Noah Schumacher blue.

Apron: Flo Rahn blue.



Mixed media

Portrait: Letty Enns blue, Katy Magathan blue, Jamie Norris blue, Sheri Schmidt blue; Roberta Arnold red, Saje Bayes red, Kiersten Kalua red; Landon Herbel white, Aiden Schmidt white, Olivia Stafford white.

Landscape: Norine Holtsclaw blue, Albert Steele blue, Frances Turner blue, Bonnie Hamm white.

Still life: Frances Turner blue, Jessie Taylor red, Aiden Schmidt white.

Buildings: Keith Holtsclaw red, Frances Turner red.

Floral: Frances Turner blue, Norine Holtsclaw red, Bonnie Hamm white, Sheri Schmidt white, Candy Tucker white.

Fowl or animal: Elda Hiebert blue & reserve champion, Sue Clough blue, Sheri Schmidt blue, Candy Tucker blue, Erich Herbel red, Katy Magathan red, Frances Turner red, Saje Bayes white, Abigail Calam white, Paige Proffitt white, Tara Proffitt white, Aiden Schmidt white.

Figure: Tara Proffitt blue; Sheri Schmidt red, Aiden Schmidt white, Olivia Stafford white.

Architectural/structural: Keith Holtsclaw blue, Albert Steele red.

Vehicle: Erich Herbel red.

Impressionistic: Candy Tucker blue; Austin Calam red; Aiden Schmidt white, Olivia Stafford white, Frances Turner white.

Abstract: Candy Tucker blue, Reece Berens red, Katy Magathan white, Tara Proffit whitet, Aiden Schmidt white.

Other: Frances Turner blue & champion, Candy Tucker blue, Sue Clough red, Sheri Schmidt red; Bonnie Hamm white, Olivia Stafford white.


Portrait: Janet Matz red, Emily Miller white.

Landscape: Roberta Arnold blue, Reece Berens blue, Cathy Fish blue, Bob Nichols blue, Maggie Nichols blue, Jane Wiens blue, Jacob Fish red, Cathy Fish red, Janet Matz red, Karen Wiebe red, Angela Klaassen red, Michael Klaassen red.

Still life: Roberta Arnold blue, Karen Wiebe blue, Nellie Hill red, Emily Miller red, Bob Nichols red, Maggie Nichols red, Paige Proffitt white, Kiersten Kalua white.

Buildings: Phyllis Richert blue, Jane Wiens blue; Anna Lubers red, Angela Klaassen red, Nellie Hill white.

Floral: Roberta Arnold blue, Jacob Fish blue, Nellie Hill blue, Maggie Nichols blue, Amy Bayes red, Ryan Bayes red, Jacob Fish red, Cathy Fish red, Anna Lubers red, Michael Klaassen red, Janet Matz red, Aaron Miller red, Emily Miller red, Bob Nichols red, Jane Wiens red, Paige Proffitt red, Kiersten Kalua red.

Fowl or animal: Roberta Arnold blue, Amy Bayes blue, Isaac Bayes blue, Ryan Bayes blue, Saje Bayes blue, Jacob Fish blue, Emily Miller blue, Maggie Nichols blue, Phyllis Richert blue, Matalie Wiens blue, Michael Klaassen blue, Cathy Fish red, Charlotte Hagaman red, Nellie Hill red, Angela Klaassen red, Anna Lubers white, Bob Nichols white, Paige Proffitt white.

Figure: Phyllis Richert blue; Kiersten Kalua red, Karen Wiebe red, Emily Miller white, Paige Proffitt white.

Architectural/structural: Nellie Hill blue, Karen Wiebe blue.

Vehicle: Janet Matz blue, Jane Wiens blue, Kiersten Kalua red.

Impressionistic: Nellie Hill blue, Karen Wiebe blue, Bob Nichols red.

Abstract: Michael Klaassen blue, Phyllis Richert blue; Austin Calam red, Karen Wiebe red, Emily Miller white.

Other: Roberta Arnold blue, Amy Bayes blue, Maggie Nichols blue, Kiersten Kalua blue, Michale Klaassen blue, Saje Bayes red, Cathy Fish red, Taylor Helmer red, Nellie Hill red, Angela Klaassen red, Emily Miller white, Bob Nichols white, Paige Proffitt white, Karen Wiebe white.

Best local scene: Jacob Fish.

Best portrait: Jamie Norris.



Single specimen

Any wild flower grown in garden: Linda Esau blue.

Brown eyed susie: Teresa Hill blue, Harriet Suderman blue, Linda Esau red.

Cosmos: Karen Wiens blue.

Daisy: Linda Esau red.

Dianthus: Teresa Hill blue.

Gladioli: Amy Bayes blue.

Lily: Linda Esau blue, Roxi Klein blue, Margaret Harris red, Angela Klaassen red, Iris Klein red, Violet Klein red.

Marigold: Anna Jones blue, Linda Esau red, Teresa Hill red, Harriet Suderman red, Taylor Helmer white.

Miniature rose: Karen Wiebe blue, Rosella Suderman red.

Other domestic flower: Ryan Bayes blue, Roxi Klein blue, Kiera Robb blue, Karen Wiens blue, Teresa Hill red, Anna Jones red, Maddie Brown white, Angela Klaassen white.

Other rose: Rosella Suderman blue.

Pansy: Harriet Suderman blue, Karen Wiens red.

Periwinkle: Taylor Helmer blue, Teresa Hill blue, Karen Wiens red.

Petunia: Anna Jones blue, Karen Wiens blue, Linda Esau red, Teresa Hill white.

Zinnia: Anna Jones blue, Karyn Leihy blue, Mary Leihy blue, Ruth Ann Penner red, Taylor Helmer white.


Any wild flower grown in garden: Linda Esau blue.

Bachelor button: Kelly Bayes red.

Brown eyed susie: Teresa Hill blue, Harriet Suderman blue, Linda Esau red, Roxi Klein red.

Cosmos: Ruth Ann Penner blue, Karen Wiens blue, Margaret Harris red.

Lily: Margaret Harris blue.

Marigold: Taylor Helmer blue, Anna Jones blue.

Other domestic flower: Margaret Harris blue, Sydney Robb blue.

Pansy: Harriet Suderman blue.

Petunia: Linda Esau blue, Karen Wiens blue.

Zinnia: Violet Klein blue, Iris Klein red, Ryan Bayes white.


Basket, any size: Ruth Ann Penner blue, Harriet Suderman blue; Margaret Harris red.

Cup & saucer: Rosella Suderman blue, Karen Wiens blue.

Living room arrangement: Amy Bayes blue & reserve champion, Margaret Harris blue, Isaac Bayes red, Saje Bayes red, Kelly Bayes white.

3? miniature vase: Karen Wiens blue, Rosella Suderman red, Iris Klein red.

5? miniature vase: Violet Klein blue, Karen Wiens blue, Margaret Harris white.

Other arrangement: Margaret Harris blue, Isaac Bayes white, Ryan Bayes white, Ruth Ann Penner white.

Tall vase: Saje Bayes blue, Harriet Suderman blue, Karyn Leihy red, Mary Leihy white.

Wild flower grown in wild: Saje Bayes blue & champion, Amy Bayes blue, Isaac Bayes blue, Kiera Robb blue; Hannah Perry red, Margaret Harris white, Annette Sneary white

Winner of the wild Flower (grown in wild) arrangement will get the Marion County Roadside Award.

Marion County roadside bouquet: Saje Bayes.




Other ceramic: Johnny Zieammerman white.


Ornament, 1: Taylor Helmer white.

Other Christmas craft: Aiden Schmidt blue; Lauren McLinden red, Cailey Barney white.

Decorative clothing

Tee shirt: Taylor Helmer red

Other: Karen Wiens blue, Taylor Helmer blue, Taylor Helmer white, Emily Sechrist white.

Decorated paintings

Canvas: Emily Sechrist blue.


Other doll: Virginia Stafford blue, Virginia Stafford red.


Necklace: Annette Sneary blue, Taylor Helmer red, Aiden Schmidt white.

Bracelet: Taylor Helmer white.

Other jewelry: Aiden Schmidt red.

Lego project

Aircraft: Franklin Jost red, Austin Rempel red, Jared Barney white, Garrett Helmer white, Sonja Jost white, Caleb Rempel white, Larry Zieammerman white.

Vehicles: Jared Barney blue, Jarret McLinden blue, Austin Rempel white, Caleb Rempel white.

Lego kit: Jared Barney blue.

Other project: Jared Barney red, Reece Berens red, Larry Zieammerman red, Elias Kalua white, Johnny Zieammerman white.

Models (kits may be used)

Pine wood derby: Jarret McLinden blue, Tucker Moss red.

Rocket: Isaac Perry blue.

Other model: Ryan Bayes blue.


Hand built: Tara Proffitt red.

Other pottery: Emily Sechrist red.

Hand stitching

Appliqu?d: Kiersten Kalua red.

Needlepoint: Tena Loewen blue.


Other wreath: Annette Sneary blue.

Wood crafts

Finished wood: Joy Waldbauer blue.

Primitive wood: Joy Waldbauer red.

Toy: Johnny Zieammerman red.

Other wood craft: Dwight Johnson blue, Monroe Kreutziger blue, Cailey Barney red, Johnny Zieammerman white.

Other crafts

Beading: Kelli Dyck red, Cailey Barney white, Millie Sechrist white.

Birdhouses, decorated: Tucker Moss white.

Bookmark: Garrett Helmer white.

Collection, any kind: Sally Andrews blue, Taylor Helmer blue, Cailey Barney red.

Decorated vegetable: Craig Boese red, Skye Rivera red, Tia Rivera red, Taylor Helmer white.

Leather craft: Garrett Helmer red, Taylor Helmer white.

Picture frame: Taylor Helmer red.

Rubber stamp art: Verna Funk red, Lorene Jost red, Sally Andrews white.

Stained glass: Garrett Helmer white, Johnny Zieammerman white.

Sun catcher: Cailey Barney red, Kelli Dyck red, Taylor Helmer red, Garrett Helmer white.

Other: Elias Kalua blue, Florence Friesen red, Verna Funk red, Lorene Jost red, Pauline Monnich red, Angela Klaassen red, Taylor Helmer white, Franklin Jost white, Sonja Jost white, Cara Martin white.

Best adult craft: Monroe Kreutzinger.

Best youth craft: Ryan Bayes.

Child hand craft (age 6 & under)

Any craft: Aiden Schmidt blue, Cailey Barney red.



Group project: Parkside Home blue.

Individual entrant: Agnes Bernhardt blue.

Best senior entry: Agnes Bernhardt.




Under 6 months of age

Junior doe: Zac Goodwin blue, Iris Klein white.

Junior buck: Zac Goodwin blue, Violet Klein white.

8 months of age

Senior buck: Jacob Dailey blue, Zac Goodwin blue.


Normal white: Cassidy Hill blue.

Best rabbit entry: Zac Goodwin.



Male or female 1 yr old or older

Cock: Marsha Meyer blue.

Hen: Marsha Meyer blue & champion oultry, Ashley Peters blue, Charlie Peters blue, Ashley Peters red, Charlie Peters red, Ashley Peters white, Charlie Peters white.

Male or female less than 1 yr old

Pullet: Tom Oborny blue & reserve champion poultry.


Editor?s note: The Marion County Fair Association apologies for any misspellings or omissions in these results.

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