Anna Lubbers (PA).

Champion female purchased, 7-8 yrs: Cassie Meyer (HH).

Class 373D – Constructed,14-19 yrs: Kaitlyn Preheim (PA) purple; Zachary Preheim (PA) purple; Hannah Perry (GGG) blue.

Class 373C – Constructed, 12-13 yrs: Nicholas Preheim (PA) purple; Claire Heyen (SC) purple; Micayla Stika (HH) purple; Morganne Hamm (TTT) purple; Kailyn Riffel (TTT) blue; Callie Riffel (TTT) blue; Jessie Perry (GGG) blue.

Class 373B – Constructed, 9-11 yrs: Emily Meier (GGG) purple; Madeline Meier (GGG) purple; Anna Lubbers (PA) purple; Arianna Ciero (HH) purple.

Class 373A – Constructed, 7-8 yrs: Mackenzie Porter (GGG) purple; Myranda Stika (HH) purple; Elise Schlehuber (HH) purple.

Class 375D – Purchased, 14-19 yrs: Kaitlyn Preheim (PA) purple; Elizabeth Goentzel (HH) purple; Bryce Roberts (SC) purple; Zachary Prehiem (PA) purple.

Class 375C – Purchased, 12-13 yrs: Morganne Hamm (TTT) purple; Claire Heyen (SC) purple; Callie Riffel (TTT) blue; Makenzie Deines (TTT) blue; Kailyn Riffel (TTT) red; Nicholas Preheim (PA) red.

Class 375B – Purchased, 9-11 yrs: SaRae Roberts (SC) purple; Anna Lubbers (PA) blue, Elizabeth Meyer (HH) red, Corin Parmley (PA) red.

Class 375A – Purchased, 7-8 yrs: Cassie Meyer (HH) purple.




Champion senior: Carrie Carlson (LWA).

Champion intermediate: Lauren McLinden (HH). Reserve champion: Cassidy Hill (TTT).

Champion junior: Noah Schmacher (SC). Reserve champion: Phoebe Hett (HH).

Champion novice: Kara Riffel (TTT). Reserve champion: Katie Evans (TTT).

Senior showmanship: Carrie Carlson (LWA) blue.

Intermediate showmanship: Lauren McLinden (HH) blue; Cassidy Hill (TTT) blue.

Junior showmanship: Noah Schumacher (SC) white; Phoebe Hett (HH) white; Bailey Penner (PA) white.

Novice showmanship: Kara Riffel (TTT) red; Katie Evans (TTT) white.


Champion small dog: Lauren McLinden (HH). Reserve champion: Noah Schumacher (SC).

Champion medium dog: Lauren McLinden (HH). Reserve champion: Morgan Gaines (PA).

Champion large dog: Phoebe Hett (HH).


Champion small dog: Cassidy Hill (TTT).

Champion medium dog: Lisa Geis (TTT)

Pre-novice obedience

Champion: Katie Evans (TTT). Reserve champion Kara Riffel (TTT).

Pre-novice A obedience

Champion: Noah Schumacher (SC). Reserve champion: Phoebe Hett (HH).

Pre-novice B obedience

Champion: Cassidy Hill (TTT). Reserve champion: Lisa Geis (TTT).

Novice A obedience

Champion: Cassidy Hill (TTT). Reserve champion Carrie Carlson (LWA)


Class 431- Pre-agility small dog: Lauren McLinden (HH) blue; Noah Schumacher (SC) white; Katie Evans (TTT) white.

Class 431 – Pre-agility medium dog: Lauren McLinden (HH) red; Morgan Gaines (PA) white; Kara Riffel (TTT) white.

Class 431- Pre-agility large dog: Phoebe Hett (HH) white.

Class 432 – Agility small dog: Cassidy Hill (TTT) red.

Class 432 – Agility medium dog: Lisa Geis (TTT) white; Carrie Carlson (LWA) white; Bailey Penner (PA) white.

Class 443 – Pre-novice obedience: Katie Evans (TTT) white; Kara Riffel (TTT) white.


Class 441 – Pre-novice A obedience: Noah Schumacher (SC) white; Phoebe Hett (HH) white.

Class 442 – Pre-novice B obedience: Cassidy Hill (TTT) blue; Lisa Geis (TTT) white; Lauren McLinden (HH) white.

Class 444 – Novice A obedience: Cassidy Hill (TTT) blue; Carrie Carlson (LWA) white.


4-H club hay bale


Champion: SC. Reserve champion: PA.

4-H Club hay bale decorating: SC purple; PA purple; GGG blue.



4-H Club floats: 1. Goessel Goal Getters, 2. South Cottonwood, 3. Tampa Triple T?s.

Other floats (church, civic, individual): 1. Marion County Soccer Club.

Best 4-H float: Goessel Goal Getters.

Best use of fair theme: Goessel Goal Getters.



1. Tim Unruh, 2. Morganne Hamm, 3. Donna Dalke, 4. Billie Goossen, 5. Linda Peters.

Participants: Harriet Suderman, Janell Klaassen, Marcia Williams, Maggie Schroder, Danielle Bartel.



Field crops

Wheat,1 quart: Gary Wiens, blue.

Grain sorghum, 8 heads hybrid, open pollinated: Charlie Peters, blue.

Brome hay?8-10 inch slice in plastic bag: Ashley Peters, blue.

Sunflower, whole plant: MiKayla Lare, blue; Kolton Lare, red.

Sunflower, one head: Malvin Schmidt, blue.


Potatoes (6): Jacob Peterson, blue; Les Broadstreet, blue; Sharon Bartel, red; Jasmine Woelk, white; Zach Barney, white; Cailey Barney, white; Jared Barney, white; Harold Kasper, white; Gary Wiens, white.

Onions (6): Zach Barney, blue.

Cabbage, 2 heads, any variety: Denise Woelk, blue.

Cucumbers, 6, any variety: Sharon Bartel blue; Grant Evans, red; Harold Kasper, white; Jacob Peterson, white; Emma Hill, white; Naomi Hill, white.

Peppers, 5, any variety, any size: Jessie Perry, blue; Jessie Perry, red; Ryan Bradford, white; Gordon Shaver, white.

Beets (6): Malvin Schmidt, blue; Denise Woelk, red.

Beans (6): Denise Woelk, blue; MiKayla Lare, red; Kolton Lare, red.

Okra (6): Tyler Bentz, blue; Teresa Hill, red; Ryan Bradford, white; Gordon Shaver, white.

Squash (1): Jacob Peterson, white.

Zucchini, Butternut: Darlene Schmidt, red; Malvin Schmidt, white; Ryan Bradford, white.

Zucchini, Yellow, Spaghetti: Flo Rahn, blue.

Tomatoes (6): Jessie Perry, blue; Debbie Conner, blue; Karen Wiebe, blue; Debbie Conner, red; Harold Kasper, red; Tyler Bentz, white; MiKayla Lare, white; Kolton Lare, white; Denise Barney, white.

Tomatoes, large, regular, small: Malvin Schmidt, white; Taylor Helmer, white; Karen Wiens, white.

Other vegetable: Jacob Peterson, blue.


Pumpkin, 1 large, small: Sue Wadkins, blue.

Other fruit: Denise Woelk, blue.

Large garden display: Karen Wiens, blue; Ruth Ann Penner, red.

Best garden display: Karen Wiens.




Yeast breads

Whole wheat: Sharon Bartel, blue.

Other bread: Kolton Lare, white.

Zwiebach (4) Rosella Suderman, blue; Janell Klaassen, red.

Dinner rolls (4): Karen Wiens.

Pan rolls (4): Sharon Bartel, blue.

Butter horns (4): Karen Wiens, blue.

Cinnamon rolls (4) Sharon Bartel, blue; Karen Wiens, red; Shirley Kasper, white.

Best of yeast breads: Sharon Bartel.

Quick breads

Banana bread: Ruth Ann Penner, blue; Karyn Leihy, red; Kolton Lare, white; Cailey Barney, white.

Zucchini bread: MiKayla Lare, blue; Katie Evans, white; Madison Hill, white.

Date bread: Rosella Suderman, blue.

Muffins (4): Jared Barney, blue; Madison Hill, white.


Sugar (4): Ruth Ann Penner, blue; Teresa Hill, red.

Peanut butter (4): Gina Bergin, blue; Rosella Suderman, red; Ruth Ann Penner, white.

Chocolate chip (4): Cassidy Hill, blue; Autum Chisholm, red; Rosella Suderman, white.

Oatmeal (4): Teresa Hill, blue; Sharon Bartel, red; Ruth Ann Penner, white.

No bake (4): Taylor Helmer, blue; Teresa Hill, white; Janell Klaassen, white.

Holiday, party (4) Ruth Ann Penner, blue.

Other cookies (4): Angela Klaassen, blue; Sharon Bartel, white; Denise Barney, white; Grace Peterson, white.

8-inch decorated cookie: Karyn Leihy, blue; Jordan Hackman, red; Mary Leihy, white, Taylor Helmer, white.

Best decorated 8-in. cookie: Karen Leihy.

Bars (4): Sally Andrews, blue; Michael Peugh, red; Cailey Barney, white.

Brownies (4): Cailey Barney, blue.

Other (4): Teresa Hill, red.

Cookie jar: Sally Andrews, blue; Gina Bergin, red.

Best cookie jar: Sally Andrews.


Coffee cake: Katie Evans, red.

Decorated (may be on Styrofoam block): Gina Bergin, blue.

Cupcakes (4): Samantha Moss, white.


Apple: Cassidy Hill, red.

Other fruit pie: Teresa Hill, blue; Rosella Suderman, blue.

Other pie: Shirley Kasper, blue.




Green beans, any style: Shirley Kasper, red.

Salsa: Sharon Schroeder, blue; Shirley Kasper, red; Kolton Lare, white.

Other tomato product: Karen Wiens, blue.


Apricots: MacKenzie Young, white.

Jellies, jams, preserves

Elderberry jelly: Barb Britton, red.

Other jelly: Barb Britton, red; Autumn Chisholm, red; Janell Klaassen, white.

Strawberry jam: Barb Britton, blue.

Grapejam: Jacob Peterson, blue.

Other jam: Karen Wiens, blue; Barb Britton, red; Barb Britton, white; Monica Leihy, white; Maggie Schroeder, white; MacKenzie Young, white.


Dill cucumbers: Shirley Kasper, red.

Beets: Jacob Peterson, red.

Other pickled: Harriet Suderman, blue; Shirley Kasper, red.




Any size quilt

Hand quilted: Marilyn Jost, blue; Helen Fenstermacher, blue; Joy Waldbauer, blue.

Machine quilted: Irene Bezdek, blue; Norma Klemm, blue; Flo Rahn, blue; Paula Perry, blue; Judy Troyer, blue; Marcella Mohn, red.

Appliqu?d: Shirley Kasper, blue (grand champion); Betty Stenzel, blue.

Pieced: Sam Oborny, blue; Alvena Bartel, blue; Flo Rahn, blue; Norma Klemm, blue; Darlene Schroeder, blue; Judy Troyer, blue; Jacqueline Cuisick, blue; Joy Waldbauer, red.

Crazy quilt: Jacqueline Cusick, blue.

Lap quilt: Flo Rahn, blue; Judy Christiansen, blue; Joy Waldbauer, blue.

Restored quilt: Tabitha Oborny.

Senior citizen, 75 yr. & over: Esther Pan?kratz, blue; Alvena Bartel, blue; Helen Fenstermacher, blue; Ruth Ann Penner, blue.

Tied comfort: Ruth Ann Pennerm blue.

Crib quilt: Flo Rahn, blue; Judy Troyer, blue (reserve champion); Joy Waldbauer, red.

Doll quilt: Darlene Schroeder, blue; Joy Waldbauer, red.

Other quilt: Helen Fenstermacher, blue; Taylor Helmer, blue.

Best quilt: Betty Stenzel.

Wall hanging quilt

Original: Irene Bedzek, blue; Helen Fenstermscher, blue; Flo Rahn, blue.

Pieced: Mary Lancaster, blue; Betty Stenzel, blue; Mackenzie Young, red.

Appliqu?d: Helen Fenstermacher, blue.

Paper pieced: Joy Waldbauer, red.

Scrap: Betty Stenzel, blue.

Embroidered: Alvena Bartel, blue; Betty Stenzel, blue.

Holiday: Flo Rahn, blue; Joy Waldbauer, red.

Other wall hanging: Joy Waldbauer, red.

Best wall hanging: Helen Fenstermacher.


Crocheted Afghan: Karen Ehrlich, blue.

Pillowcases, pair: Janell Klaassen, blue; Judy Troyer, blue; Flo Rahn, blue.

Placemats (2): Janell Klaassen, blue; Marilyn Jost, blue; Flo Rahn, blue.

Table cloth, any form: Norma Klemm, blue; Flo Rahn, blue.

Table runner, any form: Esther Pankratz, blue; Joy Waldbauer, blue.

Tea Towels (3): Rubena Wiebe, blue; Norma Klemm, blue; Judy Troyer, blue.

Pillow top: Marilyn Jost, blue.

Rug: Suzie Kliewer, red.

Stuffed toy: Raydyn Brown, blue.

Crocheted baby item: Janell Klaasen, blue; Karen Ehrlich, blue.

Crocheted doily: Rylee Brown, blue; Janell Klaasen, blue; Karen Ehrlich, blue; Amanda Brown, blue.

Other knitted: Janell Klaasen, blue; Karen Ehrlich, blue; Suzie Kliewer, blue; Judy Christensen, blue; Eileen Hendricks, blue.

Other crocheted: Janell Klaasen, blue; Karen Erlich, blue; Joy Waldbauer, blue.

Other hand work: Sharon Schroeder, blue; Janell Klaasen, blue; Judy Christensen, blue; Joy Waldbauer, blue; Eileen Hendricks, blue; Karen Wiens, blue.


Apron: Joy Waldbauer, blue; Darlene Schroeder, blue; Flo Rahn, blue.

Decorated apparel: Joy Waldbauer, blue.

Other clothing: Darlene Schroeder, blue; Betty Stenzel, blue; Irene Bezdek, blue.



Mixed media

Portrait: Letty Enns, blue; Frances Turner, blue; Mike Klaassen, blue; Taylor Loewen, blue; Kim Hamm, red; Candy Tucker, red; Preston Loewen, red.

Landscape: Albert Steele, blue; Letty Enns, blue; Frances Turner, blue; Talia Friesen, blue; Darlene Schroeder, red; Keith Holtsclaw, red; Candy Tucker, red; Elias Kalua, red.

Still life: Frances Turner, blue; Samantha Stika, blue; Lenore Dieter, blue; Darlene Schroeder, blue; Kim Hamm, blue; Candy Tucker, red; Saje Bayes, red; Keith Holtsclaw, red; Norine Holtzclaw, red; Mary Leihy, white; Ryan Bayes, wite.

Buildings: Frances Turner, blue; Candy Tucker, red.

Floral: Frances Turner, blue; Norine Holtzclaw, blue; Kristen Seibel, blue; Candy Tucker, blue; Talia Friesen, red; Lenore Dieter, red; MacKenzie Young, white; Bryant Young, white, Peyton Loewen, white.

Fowl or animal: Frances Turner, blue; Lenore Dieter, blue; Samantha Stika, blue; Kim Hamm, red; Abigail Calam, red; Candy Tucker, red; Keith Holtsclaw, red; Saje Bayes, red; Darlene Schroeder, red; Sherri Buller, red; Candy Tucker, red; Bryant Young, white; Philip Young, white; Nakoma Friesen, white.

Figure: Candy Tucker, blue; Frances Turner, red; Jared Dyck, red; Kim Hamm, red; Sherri Buller, white; Isaac Bayes, white; Ryan Bayes, white.

Architectural/structural: Frances Turner, blue (champion, Mixed Media); Samantha Stika, blue; Kelli Dyck, blue; Jared Dyck, blue; Keith Holtsclaw, red; Kirsten Kalua, red.

Vehicle: Tamara Friesen, red.

Impressionistic: Norine Holtzclaw, blue; MacKenzie Young, red.

Abstract: MacKenzie Young, red; Kim Hamm, red; Ryan Bayes, white; Elias Kalua, white.

Other: Karyn Leihy, blue; Frances Turner, blue; Lenore Dieter, blue; Kim Hamm, red; Keith Holtsclaw, red; Candy Tucker, red; Darlene Schroeder, red; Mike Klaassen, red; Samantha Stika, red; Philip Young, red; Caleb Remple, red; Isaac Bayes, red; Ryan Bayes, red.


Portrait: Phyllis Richert, blue; Ron Mueller, blue; Allister Young, blue; Maggie Nichols, blue, Skye Young, blue; Shelby Deines, red; Rebecca Wingfield, red; Rick Woelk, red; Samantha Stika, red; Anna Lubbers, white; Karen Wiebe, white; Kirsten Kalua, white.

Landscape: Rick Woelk, blue; Mike Klaassen, blue; Billie Goossen, blue; Maggie Nichols, blue; Karen Wiebe, blue; Rebecca Casey, blue; Rebecca Wingfield, red; Kirsten Kalua, red; Angela Klaassen, white; Garrett Woelk, white.

Still life: Maggie Nichols, blue; Lauren McLinden, blue; Saje Bayes, blue; Mike Klaassen, red; Karen Wiebe, red; Kirsten Kalua, white.

Buildings: Maggie Nichols, blue; Mike Klaassen, red; Anna Lubbers, red; Aaron Woelk, red; Karen Wiebe, white.

Floral: Angela Klaassen, blue; Phyllis Richert, blue; Rick Woelk, blue; Lauren McLinden, blue; Rebecca Casey, blue; Amy Bayes, red; Samantha Moss, red; Anna Lubbers, red; Brook Bradford, white; Mike Klaassen, white; Maggie Nichols, white; Tabitha Oborny, white; Samantha Moss, white; Karen Wiebe, white; Kirsten Kalua, white; Gordon Shaver, white.

Fowl or animal: Rebecca Wingfield, blue; Rick Woelk, blue; Allister Young, blue; Mike Klaassen, blue; Amy Bayes, blue; Angela Klaassen, blue; Karen Wiebe, red; Maggie Nichols, red; Isaac Bayes, red; Tabitha Oborny, white; Samantha Moss, white; Saje Bayes, white.

Figure: Lauren McLinden, blue; Brook Bradford, white; Samantha Moss, white; Karen Wiebe, white.

Architectural/structural: Lauren McLinden, blue; Samantha Stika, blue (reserve champion); Mike Klaassen, blue; Maggie Nichols, blue; Karen Wiebe, red; Kisten Kalua, red; Jasmine Woelk, red; Rick Woelk, red; Angela Klaassen, red; Tabitha Oborny, red.

Vehicle: Samantha Stika, blue; Rick Woelk, red; Karen Wiebe, white.

Impressionistic: Mike Klaassen, blue; Maggie Nichols, red; Kirsten Kalua, red; Samantha Moss, white; Karen Wiebe, white.

Abstract: Mike Klaassen, blue (champion); Samanth Stika, blue; Rick Woelk, red; Tabitha Oborny, red; Angela Klaassen, white; Samantha Moss, white; Karen Wiebe, white.

Other: Ron Mueller, blue; Billie Goossen, blue; Mike Klaassen, blue; Phyllis Richert, blue; Samantha Stika, blue; Megan Hein, blue; Maggie Nichols, blue; Saje Bayes, blue; Lauren McLinden, red; Brook Bradford, red; Tabitha Oborny, red; Sky Young, red; Debbie Conner, red; Maggie Nichols, red; Samantha Moss, white; Karen Wiebe, white.

Local scene contest: Candy Tucker.

Best portrait: Letty Enns.

Best photography: Megan Hein.



Single specimen

Any wild flower, grown natively (in wild): Harriet Suderman, blue; Iris Klein, blue; Violet Klein, blue; Denise Woelk, red; Angela Klaassen, white; Gordon Shaver, white.

Brown-Eyed Susie: Harriet Suderman, blue; Cassidy Hill, blue; MacKenzie Young, blue; Linda Esau, red; Karen Wiens, red; Teresa Hill, white; Denise Woelk, white.

Cosmos: Monica Leihy, blue; Denise Woelk, blue; Anna Jones, red; Karen Wiens, white.

Dahlia: Emily Casey, blue.

Daisy: Teresa Hill, blue.

Dianthus: Cassidy Hill, blue; Anna Jones, blue; Linda Esau, blue; Teresa Hill, red.

Lily: Angela Klaassen, blue; Debbie Conner, blue; Linda Esau, blue; Roxi Klein, blue.

Marigold: Cassidy Hill, blue; Anna Jones, blue; Karen Wiens, blue; Teresa Hill, red; Linda Esau, red; Taylor Helmer, red; Denise Woelk, white.

Miniature Rose: Karen Wiebe, blue; Rosella Suderman, red.

Other domestic flower: Rebecca Casey, blue; Teresa Hill, blue; Linda Esau, blue; Jasmine Woelk, blue; Linda Peters, red; Ruth Ann Penner, red; Ashley Peters, red; Denise Woelk, red; Karen Wiens, red; Monica Leihy, white.

Other Rose: Rosella Suderman, blue.

Periwinkle: Ashley Peters, blue; Taylor Helmer, blue; Karen Wiens, blue; Linda Esau, red; Violet Klein, red; Denise Woelk, red; Iris Klein, red.

Petunia: Cassidy Hill, blue; Anna Jones, blue; Linda Esau, blue; Teresa Hill, red; Rosella Suderman, red; Violet Klein, red; Jasmine Woelk, red; Iris Klein, red; Karen Wiens, white.

Zinnia: Teresa Hill, blue; Rebecca Casey, blue; Debbie Conner, blue; Anna Jones, blue; Iris Klein, blue; Violet Klein, blue; Monica Leihy, red; MacKenzie Young, red; Cassidy Hill, red; Bryant Young, red; Jasmine Woelk, red; Taylor Helmer, red.


Any dried flower: Janell Klaassen, blue.

Any wild flower, grown natively (in wild): Angela Klaassen, red.

Brown-Eyed Susie: Harriet Suderman, blue; Karen Wiens, red.

Cosmos: Ruth Ann Penner.

Dianthus: Linda Esau, blue.

Marigold: Linda Esau, blue; Karen Wiens, blue.

Other domestic flower: Anna Jones, blue; Flo Rahn, red; Linda Esau, red.

Periwinkle: Rosella Suderman, blue; Linda Esau, bue; Taylor Helmer, blue; Roxi Klein, blue; Karen Wiens, red.

Petunia: Karen Wiebe, red; Denise Woelk, white.

Zinnia: Roxi Klein, blue; Rebecca Casey, blue; MacKenzie Young, red; Karen Wiens, red; Emily Casey, white.

Miniature bouquet: Roxi Klein.


Basket, any size: Harriet Suderman, blue.

Cup & saucer: Harriet Suderman, blue; Karen Wiens, blue; Denise Woelk, white.

Living room arrangement: Denise Woelk, blue; Linda Peters, blue; Ruth Ann Penner, red; Marilyn Jost, red.

3-inch miniature vase (base to top of arrangement): Harriet Suderman, blue; Rosella Suderman, red; Denise Woelk, red; Roxi Klein, red; Karen Wiens, white.

5-inch miniature vase (base to top of arrangement): Karen Wiens, blue; Roxi Klein, blue; Harriet Suderman, red.

Other arrangement: Harriet Suderman, blue; Karen Wiens, blue; Ryan Bayes, blue; Monica Leihy, red; Kristin Kalua, red; Jasmine Woelk, white; Amy Bayes, white.

Tall vase: Harriet Suderman, red; Denise Woelk, red.

Wild flower, grown natively (in wild): Amy Bayes, blue; Denise Woelk, red.

Marion County roadside bouquet: Amy Bayes.




Hand woven: Kirsten Kalua, red.

Other basket: Taylor Helmer, blue.

Ceramics (commercial molds)

Other ceramic: Janet Matz, blue.


Ornament (1): Judy Christiansen, blue.

Other Christmas craft: Judy Christiansen, blue.

Decorative clothing

Shirt: Judy Christiansen, blue; Ella Suder?man, red; Maddie Suderman, red.

Tee shirt: Taylor Helmer, blue.

Other clothing: Judy Christiansen, blue; Johnny Ziemmerman, white.

Decorated paintings

Canvas: Judy Christiansen, blue.

Wood: Judy Christiansen, blue (reserve champion adult).

Other decorated painting: Judy Christiansen, blue; Donna Beneke, blue; Cristina Peterson, blue; Cailey Barney, red.


Necklace: Amanda Brown, blue.

Bracelet: Judy Christiansen, red.

Painted: Judy Christiansen, red.

Other jewelry: Amanda Brown, blue; Judy Christiansen, red.

Lego project

Aircraft: Jasmine Woelk, blue; Jared Barney, red.

Vehicles: Aaron Woelk, blue; Austin Rempel, blue; Austin Bartel, blue; Garrett Helmer, red; Jared Barney, red.

Lego kit: Garrett Helmer, red; Elias Kalua, red.

Other Lego project: Aaron Woelk, blue; Jared Barney, blue (reserve champion youth); Austin Rempel, blue; Austin Bartel, red.

Models (kits allowed)

Airplane: Aaron Woelk, blue.

Pine Wood Derby: Larry Zieammerman, blue; Jarrett McLinden, blue.

Truck: Kem Chisholm, blue.


Clay sculpture: Cailey Barney, blue; Ryan Greanwood-Bayes, red.

Modeling clay: Ryan Greanwood-Bayes, white.

Other pottery: Ella Suderman, red; Maddie Suderman, red.

Hand stitching

Counted cross: Lori McLinden, blue; Lesli Beery, red.

Quilted: Taylor Helmer, red.

Wood crafts

Primitive Wood: Judy Christiansen, red.

Other: Karyn Leihy, blue; Janell Klaassen, blue; Jared Barney, blue; Dwight Johnson, blue; Ella Suderman, white.

Other crafts

Birdhouses, decorated: Raydyn Brown, red.

Collection, any kind: Jared Barney, red; Emily Casey, red; Cailey Barney, white.

Decorated vegetable: Rylee Brown, red.

Leather craft: Janell Klaassen, blue, Caleb Rempel, blue; Larry Zieammerman, red; Jarrett McLinden, red.

Weaving: Jared Dyck, white; Larry Zieammerman, white.

Any Craft: Philip Young, blue (champion youth); Dwight Johnson, blue (champion adult); MacKenzie Young, red; Jared Dyck, red.

Best youth craft: Philip Young.

Best adult craft: Dwight Johnson.



Group entry

Nursing home group project: Park Home 4, blue; Parkside ABC, blue. ($15 to each Activity Department entering)

Individual entrants

Crafts: Agnes Bernhardt, blue; Verna Funk, blue; Pauline Monnich, red.

Fabric: Lorene Jost, red; Agnes Bernhardt, red; Pauline Monnich, red.

Other: Verna Funk, blue; Lorene Jost, red; Agnes Bernhardt, red; Pauline Monnich, red.

Best senior entries: Park Home ABC, Verna Funk



FFA exhibitors: Peabody/Florence, Zac Goodwin, blue.

Most impressive mechanical entry: Zac Goodwin.




Under six months of age

Junior buck: Zac Goodwin, blue.

Eight months of age

Senior doe: Zac Goodwin, blue; Janet Matz, blue.

Senior Buck: Zac Goodwin, blue; Janet Matz, blue.

Three under three months

Meat pen (3 to 5 lbs. each): Zac Goodwin, blue.

Best rabbit entry: Janet Matz.

POULTRY – Chickens

Male or female less than 1 year old

Cockerel: Sam Oborny, blue; Tom Oborny, white.

Pullet: Mark Meyer, red.

POULTRY – Pigeons

Best poultry or pigeons: Sam Oborny.




Heat winners

1. Jonah Gehring & Todd Redger

2. Jason Hamm & Stephen McCombs

3. Jesse Hamm & Scott Schultz

4. Weston Mizell & Charles Stuchlik

Consolation 1. Jason Bernhardt & Lonnie Hamm

Consolation 2.) Tommy Tajchman & Daniel Catlin

Championship heat

1. Jesse Hamm

2. Scott Schultz

3. Jason Hamm

4. Jonah Gehring

5. Weston Mizell

Mad Dog Award: Lonnie Hamm

Best paint: Scott Schultz


Heat winners

1. Dean Suderman & Dale Dalke

2. Lloyd Anderson & Mike Brandt

Consolation: Stan Neufeld & Doug Anderson

Championship heat

1. Dean Suderman

2. Lloyd Anderson

3. Dale Dalke


1. Scott Alcorn

2. Brian McCellen

3. Lloyd Anderson


Editor?s note: The Marion County Fair Association apologies for any misspellings or omissions in these results.

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