Dickerson to head Goessel public works

The Goessel City Council held special meetings on June 25, June 27, and June 28 for the purpose of interviewing candidates for the director of public works position and making a decision.

As a result, Karen Dickerson was hired for the job and attended the regularly scheduled July 16 meeting.

Dale Wiens, president of the Goessel Recreation Commission, attended the regular meeting to discuss baseball field parking with the council. He said all K-12 baseball practices and games will be played at the city ball parks next summer.

Games for younger children were still held at the elementary school baseball diamond this summer.

With more activity at the city ball diamonds next year, Wiens said, ?We feel this warrants a better parking area,? although, he added, ?I?m aware that funding is always tight.?

The GRC would like for the city to consider funding the project since the baseball complex is on city property and cities often provide the parking at the venues they own. However, the GRC is willing to help plan and construct the parking area.

Wiens suggested a rock parking lot, acknowledging that weeds could be a concern.

The grass/dirt parking area between the diamonds has often been too muddy for parking. Therefore, many vehicles were parked along the street.

?Street parking is a safety issue for our patrons,? Wiens said, ?especially the children.?

GRC members have heard many comments about the need for a parking area, Wiens said, and expressed the hope that parking could be available for the 2008 baseball season.

Councilor Larry Schmidt wondered where the parking lot would be. Wiens said GRC is thinking the best place would be in the center, between the two ball fields. He mentioned the drainage ditch would be a concern.

When Mayor Peggy Jay suggested the lot to the west, Wiens responded, ?I think it?s worth exploring.?

Wiens estimated games could draw 30 to 50 or 60 cars per night.o decision was made at this meeting. Wiens offered to obtain cost estimates.

Also serving on GRC are Fred Schmidt and Allen Makovec, along with recent appointees Kelly Booton and Joan Nighten?gale.

On the subject of recreation, the council also discussed a water park. Jay said a public meeting is planned for 8 p.m. July 19 to discuss a grant that could include a water park. She presented information about the Hesston water park, which has been in place for a year.

?The community has really enjoyed it,? she said. Its features five-minute timers that operate only during the day. There is no standing water. The cost to the city is about $20 a day.

Hesston city employees have been happy with the water park, she said, and it has not required much maintenance. All the water must be blown out of the lines for the winter.

Although Hesston uses a 2-inch water line, Goessel city employee Joe Base asked whether a 4-inch main should be brought in, considering how increased water use would affect residents near the water park.

Councilor Jim Wiens agreed a larger main might be necessary.

In other business, the council:

  • briefly discussed Threshing Days. With the Harvest Meadow development under construction, Councilor Rick Freeman wondered whether sufficient parking would be available. Wiens said additional parking west of the Threshing Days grounds will be provided.

  • heard Base?s report, as police chief, that officers issued two citations and five warnings for speed, issued two warnings for improper parking, dealt with six vandalism incidents, investigated bad checks in cooperation with the Canton Police Department, assisted Emergency Medical Services with two calls and one death, unlocked two cars, investigated an incident of damage to property due to fireworks, and confined a dog that was running loose.

  • heard Councilor Larry Schmidt report that somebody has been throwing mud at the park shelter house. Bricks have also been thrown at the building, and the cinder blocks have been chipped as a result.

  • authorized Dickerson to attend 12 sessions of required water training at Council Grove. City Clerk Anita Goertzen said a grant is available for the $1,250 tuition.

  • discussed garage-sale day. Even though it was a rainy day, Jay said, ?I thought it was very well attended.? Lindeman agreed: ?It was one of the better ones.?

  • voted to pay for surveying North Church Street, which is owned by the school. It had been suggested that the school deed that property to the city.

  • heard Goertzen report that court clerk Paula Flaming ?has everything ready to file electronically…. This is a huge thing that the state has undertaken.? Goertzen also said, ?It was well worth the $500 we ended up spending for the tech support. We already had the software.?

    Goertzen said some cities spent $1,500 to $2,000.

  • approved the purchase of a storage shed for a cost up to $2,500.

  • decided to sell some of the extra tables and chairs in the community room of the city building by sealed bids, with the right to reject any or all bids.

  • heard that the large trash bin the city supplied for clean-up day was well used. ?There was 90 percent lumber and some concrete? in the bin, Wiens said.

  • discussed lawn mower repairs and the possibility of purchasing a different mower.

  • considered a suggestion to establish a storm-water fund that would be used strictly for cleaning ditches and replacing culverts, but the council seemed to prefer other funding solutions.

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