Curious come for first ?Trade Day?

BarnChicks Centerpiece854

BarnChicks Centerpiece854

More than 1,600 people attended the debut of the Barn Chicks Trade Day Saturday at Wildcat Creek Ranch, three miles east of Peabody.

?It went great,? ranch owner Klee Watchous said about the event. ?We were pleased with the day.?

Watchous said he wasn?t sure what to expect for this inaugural event, but from all the feedback he and wife Jennifer heard, people had a good time.

Watchous said it?s too early to say if there will be an encore next year.

BarnChicks BarnFront5868

?Given the results from this first year, I would say it?s favorable,? he said. ?But it?s like comparing a woman in the middle of labor, and whether she plans to have another child.

?It probably will happen, but we are still excited about this first one,? he said.

Watchous wanted to thank the people in Hillsboro and Marion for their support.

?We were impressed with how much encouragement we received,? he said. ?It just seemed to make the most sense to have the event on the same weekend as the other two events. So many people were already in the area.?

Many people commented to him and others that they enjoyed the different activities available for everyone.

BarnChicks FriesenWagonRide848

?We tried to have something for men, women and children,? Watchous said.

From a public relations standpoint, Watchous said the event also was a success.

As for the debut, he said there were some things they could have done differently. But if they do it again, they would ?adjust accordingly.?

?We do want to thank the vendors and everyone who came out for the day,? he said.

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