Crawford issues county road plan through 2015

If you?ve been wanting better roads in Marion County, then you may get your wish.

Road maintenance may have moved further into a new era of improvement Monday with Road and Bridge Director Randy Crawford?s introduction of proposed road improvements through 2015 to the Marion County Commission.

?If we keep up on a three-year cycle,? Crawford said, ?we will save money doing it.?

Crawford has previously said in meetings that starting with a good surface and then keeping up with resurfacing is the way to go.

He listed projects for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In 2013 he proposed an estimated $713,926.90 expenditure chip seal surfacing for 4.3 miles west of Durham on 290th to Diamond, 14.4 miles of the Durham-Lincolnville Road on 290th from Kansas Highway 15, 9.1 miles on Quail Creek Road from 290th to 360th, a half-mile on 340th from Highway 77 to Lost Springs, and four miles on Limestone Road from 290th to 330th.

In 2014, he estimated $1,057,350 for four miles of Pawnee Road to Marion Reservoir, a half-mile of North Eisenhower Drive at Marion, 14 miles of 190th west from Marion to west of Hillsboro, 10 miles from Marion to Highway 50 on Sunflower, a half-mile of Jade, 12 miles from Hillsboro to Highway 50 on Sunflower, a half-mile on Nighthawk at the west edge of Peabody, and six miles of Old Mill Road at Peabody.

In 2015, he estimated again an additional $1,057,350 for seven miles on Indigo to K-15 near Hillsboro, 5.5 miles of Kanza east of Hillsboro, five miles on 40th from Timber to Yarrow near Peabody, five miles on 60th from Old Mill to Timber near Peabody, seven miles of 120th from Bison to Indigo near Goessel, eight miles of 330th from Meridian to K-15, and six miles of 140th from Pawnee to Vista at Highway 77.

Crawford also suggested a 45 miles an hour speed limit on the newly-surfaced four miles west of Tampa to K-15 because of the road?s narrow drop-off shoulders.

The commissioners approved Crawford spending a little more than $30,000 for 30 miles of painting road striping.

The commissioners and Crawford reviewed a proposal for wireless timecard monitoring of road and bridge employees.

The commissioners approved a road and bridge transport fuel bid of $24,141.50 for 5,000 gallons of diesel and 3,000 gallons of gasoline from Cooperative Grain of Hillsboro over a competitive bid of $24,334.50 from Cardie Oil of Tampa.

The commissioners, in conversation with Tonya Richards, director of environmental health, decided they will continue with water testing for the public despite the discontinuance of grant money from the state that had ranged over the years from more than $3,000 recently to $9,000 at one time.

Richards and the commissioners also discussed that a review of the location of old sewer systems of an earlier era at the Marion County Lake may prove necessary because of lake residents drilling wells through them or near them.

The commissioners noted that pipeline city water is available at the lake for those with sanitation concerns.

Park and Lake Superintendent Steve Hudson told commissioners that he was gratified by a $150 gift for a new tree voluntarily returned to the lake office by a person who damaged an existing new tree backing into it.

Hudson said the lake has been tested for the presence of zebra mussels, and the results will be known in approximately three weeks.

The commissioners and Hudson agreed there will have to be a review and possible action regarding the locations of water lines and electrical lines for trailers at the lake.

Hudson noted the county is responsible for maintenance of lines, and they aren?t always conformed to modern codes and standards.

The commissioners determined in conversation with Transfer Station Director Rollin Schmidt that of the three semi-truck trailers used for solid waste hauling, one needs to be budgeted for replacement each year.

Schmidt announced a grant of $1,807 from the Kansas Bureau of Waste Management for cabinet storage at the transfer station in Marion.

He reported 633.89 tons of waste disposed of in May in 32 hauls at an average tipping fee per load of $40.51 for $21,264.14 for the month.

Commissioner Roger Fleming commended the city of Marion and all groups involved for the ?nice family weekend? with Chingawassa Days.

Fleming said one visitor from Great Bend was so impressed that he insisted on paying the attendance fee although it had already been provided for him.

?It was the type of thing that draws people to want to live here?a really nice family weekend,? Fleming said.

The commissioners received a request from the city of Marion for 60 percent of the cost on a probable $150,000 project to rebuild Marion?s Fourth Street following construction of the new county jail there.

The commissioners had already planned an $18,000 contribution Commission Chairman Dan Holub said.

The county might possibly pay part of a bigger share in ?sweat equity? and equipment use by members of the road and bridge crew with county machinery, he said, although he and the other commissioners acknowledge the city also has plans to meet part of the cost with its own crew.

The commissioners met for 10 minutes in executive session with County Attorney Susan Robson for attorney/client business.

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