County to receive 7 recycle trailers

Seven new recycling trailers are arriving in Marion County.

Transfer Station Director Rollin Schmidt said Monday at the Marion County Commission meeting that six trailers will be distributed to receive recyclable trash at Centre High School, Burns, Florence, Durham, Tampa and Goessel.

A seventh trailer will be held in reserve as a replacement when needed, Schmidt said.

There was some hesitation by commissioners as to whether Burns? recycling efforts will consistently refill a trailer, but they concluded that any trailer that fails in one location can be moved to another.

Schmidt said the totally enclosed trailers with top-loading gates will be towed by the county?s one-ton noxious weed truck through the winter. But another truck for the job will become necessary when that truck begins weed treatments next spring.

Recyclable materials received at the transfer station in Marion in the opening days of the program, Schmidt said, have been 99 percent correct in truly being reusable recyclables.

He said the public needs to remember that machine shredded paper can?t be included.

Jail issues

Commission Chairman Randy Dallke said a bid-opening is planned for Nov. 6 for demolition of the former Marion County Jail building on the courthouse grounds.

Sheriff Rob Craft said case evidence stored in the old jail building and some equipment remains to be moved to the new jail.

The commissioners asked Craft to offer a large battery power backup in the jail for sale here before being offered on statewide distribution.

Oil and gas issues

After a discussion with various county officials, the commissioners decided not to join in legal action with other counties against the state in the state?s bid to take the Kansas Oil and Gas Depletion Fund that is distributed back to counties from companies pumping oil and gas.

Commissioner Roger Fleming said Marion County is a small enough oil and gas producing area that it would be ?chancey? for the county to recover enough for the legal fees, unlike counties further west with large oil and gas returns.

Commissioner Dan Holub said if Marion County ever has large returns from fossil fuel drilling, it will most likely be from gas, not from oil.

Barb Edmonds, who specializes in oil and gas development for the county appraiser?s office, said 88 new oil and gas leases were filed in Marion County in the past year with only five or six drilled.

?One of the new ones has already been plugged,? she said.

Other business

Economic Development Director Teresa Huffman reported a successful tour of historic barns originating out of Florence with 44 visitors from several states participating when only 20 had been expected.

Huffman and the commissioners discussed offering terms for a local commercial kitchen for hosting beginning efforts by restaurant entrepreneurs.

Planning Director Tonya Richards reported that Union Pacific Railroad has been approved by the state of Kansas to erect a 190-foot telecommunications tower, purely for railroad use, on 140th Road in Aulne. The state?s authority would override county authority.

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