County to auction Florence motel

The Marion County Board of Com?missioners gave the go-ahead Monday for Lyle Leppke, Hillsboro auctioneer, to proceed with a 7 p.m. July 8 auction of the vacant motel along U.S. Highway 56 near Florence.

The motel, which Commission Chairman Roger Fleming noted has been in county possession since his term began, is regarded by the county to be in a state of partial deterioration, but restorable.

After some inquiry as to whether the county ought to try to clean trash from the building, Commissioner Dan Holub decided to follow the sentiments of both commissioners Randy Dallke and Fleming to leave the building as it is.

Rather than set a minimum bid for the motel, the commissioners, with the hope they might recover the county?s costs, agreed with Leppke?s advice that any winning bid be subject to commissionerapproval.

Jeff Berger, representing the G.W. Van Keppel Co. headquartered in Kansas City, and Randy Crawford, Road and Bridge director, worked out a lease-purchase agreement for the county to acquire a G940B Volvo motor grader. The grader is plumed to run the county?s existing shoulder machine, therefore avoiding ditch digging and extra labor.

The used grader with 154 hours is like ones the county already has on order for road work. It would be sold for $189,960, less $48,100 for trade-in of a 1995 grader with 16,270 hours, now held in reserve by the county.

To avoid problems because the machine is not in this year?s budget, Berger said he would lease it to the Road and Bridge Department for six months at $5,850 a month. The payments would then be applied against the purchase price to leave the balance at $106,760.

The other two commissioners concurred with Dallke, who said the plan is very attractive. But the commission will have to hold off on making the deal until later in the month to find out if it is allowable under budgeting regulations.

Gayla Ratzlaff, coordinator fo the Department on Aging, reported she unexpectedly has to purchase new departmental computers within her budget to replace 2006 machines rendered obsolete and open to hacking because of updates that neutralized former security programs.

In an effort to help recruit more ambulance emergency response personnel, commissioners approved allocating $5,000 for EMT training.

County EMS reported 92 ambulance calls for April including 17 transfers, one cardiac, 35 medical emergency, three standby, nine motor vehicle accidents, eight falls, 15 no transports, three ?disregard? calls and one other.

Eighteen emergency calls came from Peabody, three from Florence, two back-up, 38 from Marion, 28 from Hillsboro and three from Tampa.

Two first-responder calls came from Goessel and two from Lincolnville.

The commissioners met in executive sessions for personnel with Sheriff Rob Craft and County Clerk Tina Spencer.

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