County sees gain with recycling fee

Marion County received $488.40 on a 14.8-ton load of recyclable trash in Hutch?inson last month, Rollin Schmidt reported at the Marion County Board of Commissioners payday meeting Friday.

Commission Chair Roger Fleming said with payment at that rate it would take about two loads of materials to pay county costs.

But Schmidt and the commissioners agreed it?s a better financial scenario than hauling the same materials to a landfill.

The commissioners approved writing off three micro-loans made to businesses from 2008 to 2009 for $35,318.34.

Teresa Huffman, econo?mic development director, confirmed that micro-loans originated from state funding in the last decade, but, as designed, became self-perpetuating as developing businesses paid back principal and interest.

Successful businesses have been created under the program, she said, and others that didn?t make it have still paid back loan money.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said it might be that the commissioners should make the names of defaulting businesses known to the public. Huffman agreed it is public information.

County Clerk Tina Spen?cer gave the total payday figure at $1,059,939.70.

She reported regular sales tax received in Decem?ber as $53,771.18 with $47,261.79 more received from the state for the special jail funding sales tax.

As of Dec. 31, Spencer said the county had $21,905,166 in accounts with $1,787,233 in the county general fund and $1,049,809 in road and bridge.

The commissioners approved an area road and bridge fuel bid of $18,789.75 for 5,300 gallons of diesel from Cooperative Grain & Supply of Hillsboro over a competitive bid of $19,108.40 from Cardie Oil Inc. of Tampa.

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