County ratifies decisions of planning/zoning board

The Marion County Commis?sion Monday dealt with approving Marion County Planning and Zoning decisions.

In one case, the commissioners affirmed by a 3-0 vote a planning decision to force removal of a woman?s 1965-model mobile home that no longer can comply with federal and state standards.

Commission Chairman Randy Dallke said that age of mobile home usually is too thin-walled, has formaldehyde in it, and has substandard wiring.

The commissioners noted that the woman has a 1910 farm house on the property that they hoped she might be able to move into.

In another case, the commissioners voted 3-0 to grant a 60-day extension to James and Linda Green, who live at 2857 Highway 56 at the south edge of Lincolnville, to clean up trash and salvage vehicles.

Linda Green said they have been working steadily at the project, but that James is only available to work on weekends. She said she also needs to work with her out-of-state children for removal of their vehicles.

In making the motion for the extension, Commissioner Bob Hein said the Greens have made a good beginning effort at compliance.

Dallke said he would like to see the property kept nice because it has high nostalgic value for many people who recognize the model castle in the front yard, which has been there for many years.

?You have a county monument,? he said. ?A lot of people really look to see it.?

The commissioners approved a letter of support for the city of Tampa in its efforts to get grant money to build a new park near its baseball diamonds.

As part of the approval, Dallke said he wanted to include a commendation to Tampa for the many years it has maintained a public restroom in its downtown area.

Seacat property

Outside of the meeting, Holub acknowledged that many persons have been wondering about potential real-estate acquisitions by the county for either an office building or a jail, or both, particularly the Seacat Hardware property in Marion?s industrial park.

Holub said nothing has been done on such matters because the commissioners put all such discussion on hold while dealing with State Fire Marshal Office?s inspection requirements for the jail.

The commissioners also wanted all three commission members present for any real estate discussion, he said, and Hein was gone for a short time because of illness.

Other matters

The commissioners approved paying $27,500 for the first year of exec-time software upon the recommendation of County Clerk Carol Maggard.

Maggard said the program could have many applications including keeping track of employees? work time and vacation earned.

The commissioners noted it could even be installed in a computer on a road grader to provide a record of when the grader was moving and working.

Road and Bridge Director Jim Herzet said his department has kept up on resurfacing roads well enough that it is going to be able to hard surface the one-mile of road west of Goessel before cold weather makes it impossible.

Herzet said Keystone Pipeline personnel should be coming soon to discuss repair of roads the company damaged during its project.

Holub said, ?Time is running out for the Pilsen Road.?

He said the road, also called Remington Road, is pushed out at the sides from heavy equipment going over it and cratered with potholes. Holub said the road is becoming more dangerous and will be more so this winter during ice storms and snow.

Holub said patching the road with at least gravel is the minimum that can be done this fall. Next spring he wants the Pilsen Road to be rebuilt.

Park and Lake Superinten?dent Steve Hudson said he plans to experiment with kinds of wood?probably yellow pine and cedar?to repair benches on three or four picnic tables where the seats have become dangerous.

After he sees how the kinds of wood hold up over ?a couple of years, I?ll get in a truckload of lumber for the rest of the tables,? he said.

As part of the county?s agreement with Kansas Wildlife and Parks, Hudson said KWP stocked 1,000 one-pound channel cats in Marion County Lake last month.

In the spring, he said, KWP stocked 150,000 fingerling wipers and 150,000 fingerling saugeye.

Revenues for the lake from sources such as camping and lake hall use were up to $83,000 for the year at the end of the third quarter, he said.

The commissioners approved writing off $2,353.28 in uncollectible debt from ambulance runs for Emergency Medical Services.

EMS Director Steve Smith said 112 ambulance runs were made in September, including 25 from Peabody, 10 from Florence, three backup, 30 from Marion, 36 from Hillsboro and eight from Tampa. There were eight first response runs?four from Goessel, three from Lincolnville and one from Marion.

Smith said the September total brought the total runs for the year to 779. In 2009, the year finished with 1,102 runs, he said.

After a 20-minute executive session for personnel, the commissioners announced they will be advertising for persons to fill the positions of dispatch department head and emergency management director to succeed Michele Abbott, who is leaving for a similar post in Hutchinson and Reno County.

Dallke said salaries for the positions are negotiable, and the positions will remain open until filled.

He said the commissioners also will be talking to existing staff in the next week to see if there is interest in the positions among current employees.

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