County officers destroy 2,429 plants of marijuana

A total of 2,429 marijuana plants were pulled and cut by the Marion County sheriff?s office and city of Marion police from a field in the southern half of Marion County. The plants were transported to an undisclosed burn site. A total of 2,429 marijuana plants were discovered in the southern half of Marion County in mid-July, but because of the circumstances, no arrests are expected.
The Marion County sheriff?s office was first contacted about the plants when property owners in that area made the report, said Sheriff Rob Craft.
?The (marijuana plants) were growing along the edge of a field in a grassy area between the field and a creek,? he said. ?It wasn?t just the wild stuff you see around here.?
Craft also said he and other law enforcement officials didn?t think this was a ?typical grow.?
?A typical grow is well-maintained, like a garden,? he said, ?and this was just seed for broadcast.?
After authorities became aware of the plants, Craft said the next step was deciding to wait until fall to see if someone returned to harvest it or dispose of it right away.
The decision was to destroy the plants July 15, he said.
With the help of Marion city police officers and other deputies, the plants were pulled, cut and moved to a burn site.
?It took several hours,? Craft said, ?and we counted each plant, ranging in size from 2 to 3 feet to 7 feet tall.?
In addition, authorities are also asking for the public?s help.
Anyone who might see suspicious plants growing wild in fields or elsewhere are asked to call law enforcement officials.
?(Marijuana plants) have a particular look, and a particular odor around them,? he said. ?If someone isn?t sure what it is, call us and we can come out.?
Regarding this recent discovery, Craft said it isn?t unusual for people to scatter seeds in a field, but it?s not typically been normal.
?It could be someone(s) planned to come back in the fall and take what was there,? he said.

For more information or to report possible illegal growing in the county, call the sheriff?s office at 620-382-2144.

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