County may find use for mapping system

The Geographic Information System that the state of Kansas required county appraisal offices to acquire may pay a few dividends, Marion County commissioners learned Monday.

County Appraiser Cindy Magill told commissioners the information from the aerial photography and mapping computer programming GIS could become a high-demand item for companies with infrastructure here, as well as useful for individuals.

As a first request, Magill said Atmos Energy has requested a GIS printout to meet current needs immediately.

After looking at comparables with other counties, the commissioners agreed that $800 would be a fair price to charge Atmos for a GIS of Marion County.

Magill said she would need to consider how charges may be scheduled for the future by looking at employee time and printing costs, taking into account whether the information required printing or was transferred electronically.

She expects individuals who only need copies for a few parcels to be charged less.

Among comparables she noted, Cherokee County has 15,000 parcels, and charges 50 cents a parcel for GIS.

Marion County is one of the more rural counties with fewer plats, she said, at 12,915 parcels compared to urban Johnson County?s nearly quarter million plats.

Commissioner Dan Holub said he would hate to see individuals charged anything like a company needing a total county plat might have to pay. The county needs to develop a parcel charge, he said.

Commission Chairman Roger Fleming said the county does need to recoup costs, but he wouldn?t want the county to attempt to make money on GIS.

The commissioners decided to postpone discussion and a decision on disabled residents wishing to use golf carts on the roadway at Marion County Lake. They said the carts, under Kansas law, are not classed as on-road vehicles.

Commissioners approved a bid of $21,298 for 6,550 gallons of road and bridge diesel from Cooperative Grain of Hillsboro over a competitive bid of $21,454 from Cardie Oil Inc. of Tampa.

They approved a bid of $12,020 from Cardie Oil for 10 55-gallon drums and 20 30-gallon drums of road and bridge motor oil for use in various equipment and vehicles.

The commissioners planned that they would have from two to four buildings purchased by the county along Fourth Street in Marion removed by June. They have noted the property may be used as the site for a new county jail or for other departmental buildings as needed.

The commissioners met in executive sessions for personnel with County Clerk Carol Maggard for 10 minutes, with County Treasurer Jeannine Bateman for 10 minutes, with Interim Communications Director Linda Klenda for 10 minutes then later for a second 10 minutes, and also by themselves for 15 minutes.

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