County hires EMS adviser from Lyons

Terry L. David, Rice County Emergency Medical Service director at Lyons and Region III EMS Council coordinator, was appointed Monday by the Marion County Board of Commis?sioners to develop options for a long-term emergency management program at a consulting price of no more than $2,500.

EMS Director Brandy McCarty, who was in her last day in that position after resigning, was asked to remain as part-time EMS consultant until Monday at a rate of $19.27 an hour.

The commissioners addressed a continuing stream of protests and concerns from the Peabody community over the dismissal of EMT volunteer Larry Lar?sen. The commissioners said they will reach a decision on whether to reinstate him by Monday.

Peabody City Councilor Janice Woodruff said Larsen has been of ?great? service, and the Peabody community can?t afford to lose him.

The city of Marion asked via message that the county outline how it plans to proceed with economic development before the city begins a search to find a new economic director.

The commissioners decided in turn to ask the cities of the county to proceed from this point on with economic development.

They noted that when the county?s current economic development director, Teresa Huffman, was hired several years ago, the cities did not have the directors and programs in place that they have now.

The commissioners met for 25 minutes in executive session with Road and Bridge Superintendent Jesse Hamm for a standard job review.