County explores possible cheaper landfill tipping rates in Butler County

The Marion County Commis?sion met in brief session Monday, then adjourned to negotiate with Butler County officials in El Dorado on possibly more favorable landfill tipping rates for Marion County municipal solid waste that would be hauled there from the county transfer station.

The commissioners said they need to know what they can have in place for solid waste before the end of the year because if a change isn?t made before then, the county would be locked into another year?s contract taking waste to the Hamm Landfill near Topeka.

Rollin Schmidt, transfer station director, was to accompany the commissioners. Schmidt has been saying for some time that the county?s interests might be better served by taking trash closer to home and by developing programs to recycle, thus removing some materials from the waste stream.

The commissioners examined financial reports for the county, including employee use of county credit cards.

They passed a resolution confirming the county has an economic development council in place for the county strategic plan that, according to County Clerk Carol Maggard, is required to be turned into the state by Oct. 31.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said that at meetings to inform the public about the November sales tax bond proposal to build a new jail and communications center, the commissioners are finding an untrue belief prevalent that the jail will be built with ad valorem taxes if the sales tax bond doesn?t pass.

He said the commissioners don?t know where the misinformation is coming from. Dallke said if the bond fails, the jail won?t be built.

Maggard noted that information on the jail is posted for the public at the courthouse, or may be viewed on the county?s Web site.

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