County drops three from rebate program

Three Marion County property owners are no longer eligible for the neighborhood revitalization tax rebate following action by the commissioners at the May 28 meeting.

The issue was first discussed at the May 10 meeting when County Appraiser Cindy Magill alerted commissioners of seven applicants who had not been following through on their paperwork in the program.

As directed by the commissioners at the May 10 meeting, Magill sent out certified letters asking the applicants to provide construction updates.

Of the seven certified letters sent out, four responded and the other three signed that they received the letter, but didn?t offer updates, Magill said.

?Two (applicants) need a second extension,? she said, ?but I am here for direction on the three that didn?t answer.?

Commissioner Dan Holub said that other applicants have met the requirements and that the three not responding shouldn?t be rewarded for not following the rules.

Commissioner Randy Dallke agreed, adding that the rules need to be revised and not so lenient in the future.

The applicants requiring a second extension will get one, but the commissioners also said it would be the last.

?No further extensions will be given,? Holub said.

Regarding the three applicants that were not given extensions on the existing permit, it was determined that if they apply with another plan and new building permit, they could be eligible for the program.

?But they can no longer apply under their current permit,? Holub said.

Magill said that she would get letters out to the three applicants based on the commissioners? direction, noting that if they want to be put back in, the commissioners would address it at that time.


Dates for selling and discharging fireworks for the July 4 holiday were also discussed.

County Clerk Carol Maggard suggested a few dates based on what the county did last year.

Dallke recommended the week of June 27 through July 5 for selling and discharging fireworks in the county.

By consensus, the commissioners approved a 10 p.m. stop time for selling and discharging in the county on June 27, 28, 29, 30 and July 1.

On July 2-3, the time would be extended until 11 p.m. and until midnight July 4.

Because July 4 is on a Sunday, the commissioners also agreed that many businesses will be closed Monday, and for that reason, they agreed to include Monday, July 5, as part of the holiday with a 10 p.m. deadline for buying and selling.

?This is in the county only,? Holub said, ?the city has its own ordinance on fireworks.?

Economic development

When the commissioners meet at 9 a.m. Monday, June 7, Holub said he wants the Marion County Economic Development Council members to present a plan to them.

?I think we need to turn this around and have them tell us what they want.?

Holub added that nobody even bothered to show up at this meeting when he said it would be discussed.

As for the direction of the group, he said he would like to see tourism keep going because it brings money into the county and there are lots of events scheduled.

He did mention that both the Hillsboro Mayor Delores Dalke and Marion Mayor Mary Olson have both said they believe there is too much emphasis on tourism in the MCEDC.

?The little towns are all about tourism and not as much about new businesses,? Holub said. ?Maybe it needs to be two separate groups, not barring any members from the other.?.

One group could be about tourism and the other group from the business-side of it to include new businesses and business retention.

?That is what I would like to talk about,? Holub said.

As for MCEDC members, Holub is interested in hearing from them about where we want to go from here and where do we head as a whole.

In other business, the commissioners:

? approved a chemical bid from Markley Service for the noxious weed program for chemicals costing $53.50 a gallon for a total of $1,070. The only other bidder was Ag Service at $58.59 a gallon or a total of $1,171.80.

? approved transport fuel bid with Cardie Oil being the low bidder for diesel and unleaded fuels for a total cost of $18,498.50.

Cooperative Grain & Supply?s bid for the fuels was $18,537.

? approved area fuel bids with Cardie Oil the low bidder at $14,265.85. Cooperative Grain?s bid for the area fuel came in at $14,399.60.

? accepted Cardie Oil as the low bidder at $45,532.38 for miscellaneous tires for the Road and Bridge Department vehicles.

Other bids included Rod?s Tire at $49,188.93; Becker Tire in Wichita at $55,618.38 and Kansasland Tire in Wichita at $71,670.77.

Even though the Cardie Oil bid was accepted, the commissioners wanted to stipulate that each of the tire meets specs to the department?s satisfaction.

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