County delays decision on equipment

The Marion County Commission Monday considered whether to spend $202,642?a price discounted after credits?to replace a worn 1980s road and bridge asphalt recycler machine with an updated computerized 2008 model.

But Commissioners Dan Holub and Randy Dallke said they would wait upon the return of Commissioner Roger Fleming before making a decision.

Road and Bridge Director Randy Crawford verified, based on local trial use, the contention of Dave Griffith, Wichita area representative for the Van Keppel Co. of Kansas City, that the newer MPH-362 Recycler can do a better job of melting old asphalt and relaying it than the county?s older Bomag machine.

Griffith said his company is discounting the $340,642 machine to $236,642 for the county plus crediting $12,000 in rental fees the county has paid plus giving a $22,000 credit for the old machine, which Camp?bell and the commissioners acknowledged shows much wear.

Crawford said road oil supplies will be cut off for delivery by the middle of this month because of colder temperatures. Consequently overlay activity will stop until spring.

The commissioners and Crawford said road treatment circumstances are changing for this winter because of an expected reduction in state aid with budget downsizing.

Craw?ford said the county has no salt to treat iced roads with this winter.

The commissioners awarded a $28,650 road and bridge transport fuel bid to Cooperative Grain of Hillsboro for 5,500 gallons of diesel and 2,500 gallons of unleaded gasoline over a competitive bid of $29,030 from Cardie Oil of Tampa.

Emergency Medical Services Director Steve Smith reported 81 ambulance runs for September including 16 from Peabody, one from Florence, one backup, 31 from Marion, 27 from Hillsboro and give from Tampa.

They included 19 transfers, four cardiac, 17 medical emergency, two standby, one motor vehicle accident, 15 falls, 20 no transport, and three 10-22.

Smith said there was one first response run from Goessel, three from Durham and two from Lincolnville.

The commissioners met for 10 minutes in executive session for property acquisition.

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