Cottonwood Point campsites to reopen June 18

Cottonwood Point campsites at Marion Reservoir are reopening June 18 following completion of roadway paving in the existing area, said Emily Coffin, lead ranger.

North of reservoir’s project office, Cottonwood Point campsites are on the northeast side of the lake, she said.

Although there is some minor finishing work left to be completed, Coffin said, campers are invited to come out and enjoy the new conveniences Cottonwood Point campground has to offer.

In addition to improvements at that site, other camping areas are at Marion Cove, Hillsboro Cove, and French Creek Cove.

The Corps of Engineers, she said, is also reminding everyone to drive carefully and wear life jackets when in or around the water.

To make campsite reservations, go to or call, toll free: 1-877-444-6777. For group shelters, call 620-382-2101.

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