Commissioners trasher plan recommended by sanitarian

Holub temporarily placed remnants of a torn-down Marion house in the silo last summer.

Strait said placing the house there temporarily was allowable by Kansas Department of Health and Environment rules. She said Holub had the house remains removed from the trench months ago in full compliance with state regulations.

The removal took five or more truckloads of waste, she said.

Strait confirmed that if Holub had been burying the house removed from another site, he would have been operating an illegal landfill. However, she said, he is allowed to bury waste generated on the family property.

Strait said she recommended to Holub that he fill in the silo to avoid any future appearance of impropriety, and to keep other people who had seen publicity about it from dumping there themselves.

Holub said he was burying his mother’s trash in the silo, and that she is the owner of the farm. That is allowable under KDHE regulations, he said.

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