Commissioners hear of dog problems at county lake

Marion County Lake and Park Superintendent Steve Hudson told the Marion County Commission Mon?day that dogs running loose at lake residences are causing enough problems for campers across the street in the park areas that commissioners may have to change leash laws.

Dogs are fighting with each other in camping areas and one potentially vicious dog has threatened campers, he said.

Hudson said he is particularly concerned about what might happen if a potentially vicious dog were to attack a child.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said the same dog had growled threateningly at him in the recreation area even though he tried to ignore it.

Other lake issues

In other discussions involving lakes in the county, Commission Chairman Roger Fleming directed Zoning and Environmental Health Director Tonya Richards to have County Attorney Susan Robson compose a letter to the owners of real estate at 20 Prairie Lane advising them to clean the property of debris by Oct. 1.

Fleming said putting up a privacy fence to hide debris is not a sufficient action because a fence will deteriorate within 10 years.

Richardson said visitors to Marion Reservoir should also be aware that the lake is in a health warning for potentially toxic blue-green algae contamination.

Representatives of the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center, while making asking commissioners for the same budget funding as last year, said they have helped 22 victims of domestic violence in Marion County through the first six months of this year. Most are women with an average age of 40.

County fair board

Myron Regier, the new chair of the Marion County Fair Board, and Kelli Savage, volunteer coordinator for the fair, presented their budget needs to the commissioners. They said they hope fair-goers this year are pleased by a number of improvements plus the return of a carnival.

They said a budget increase off $1,000 to $2,000 would be appreciated for building and grounds improvement.

Regier said the exhibit building in particular is in need of rain guttering to protect it. It has none now, he said.

Representatives of the Marin County Conservation District asked for budget consideration equal to last year.

Economic Development Director Teresa Huffman introduced Cynthia Schmahle as the purchaser of the motel at Florence by auction for $7,000, and her brother, Dan Fletcher, who assisted in the purchase.

Schmahle said she has a great number of friends in the trucking industry from her former job in Denver, Colo. She especially plans to remodel the motel to meet the needs of truck drivers as guests from references already promised her.

The commissioners took no action on a wage increase for an emergency communications employee requested by Sheriff Rob Craft because they said her wage already exceeds the normal pay they are attempting to establish for the position as part of their intent to better coordinate employee wage scales.

The commissioners met in executive sessions for 20 minutes with Craft and Communications Director Linda Klenda for personnel, with Huffman for 10 minutes for personnel, and with Transfer Station Director Rollin Schmidt for 5 minutes for personnel.

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