Commissioners agree to promote single-stream recycling

The three Marion County commissioners decided at their Feb. 28 payday meeting that they will each talk to city governments in their respective districts about establishing county-wide recycling that would offer single-stream curbside service on alternate days to regular trash service.

The service could result in a separate semi-trailer kept at the transfer station for recyclables, according to Rollin Schmidt, the county?s transfer station director.

Schmidt and the commissioners agreed that such a program probably would save the county money by helping keep county waste assessment close to current level.

Commissioner Roger Fleming said the move may result in a county ban on plastic grocery bags because recyclers won?t accept them. The commissioners agreed merchants and customers probably could adapt easily to using paper bags or fabric reusable bags.

Fleming said he has been ?surprised? by the number of people who don?t recycle under current city and county programs. He said he hoped further development of a county program would help increase participation.

On another matter, county attorney Susan Robson and the commissioners agreed to develop a county regulation, based on one already used by Dickinson County, that may charge a fine up to $500 for cattle producers who continually use poor fencing practices that lead to animals on roadways.

Such a cattle producer also may be faced with feed and penning costs if the county has to secure the cattle, and find the cattle may have to be sold to pay for these items if payment isn?t received promptly, she said.

Sheriff Rob Craft said such a regulation is aimed at repeat offenders, and not to the occasional occurrences when a producer may keep good fencing, but have cattle get out anyway.

Other business

In other business the commissioners:

? heard from county appraiser Cindy Magill that property valuation notices would be mailed Friday.

? approved a road and bridge transport fuel bid of $26,329.50 for 5,500 gallons of diesel and 2,500 gallons of unleaded gasoline from Cardie Oil Inc. of Tampa over a competitive bid of $26,354 from Cooperative Grain & Supply of Hillsboro.

? approved a road and bridge area fuel bid of $20,882.55 for 6,650 gallons of diesel from CG&S over a competitive bid of $21,149.90 from Cardie.

? approved a noxious weed chemical bid of $27,090 from Markley Service of Marion for five 120-gallon shuttles of 2,4-D amine, 1,260 gallons of 2,4-D, and 20 gallons of 2,4-D Lo Vol over competitive bids of $27,556.80 from Ag Service of Hillsboro, and $27,615.20 from CG&S.

? approved a chemical bid of $8,348 from CG&S for 60 gallons of Tordon 22k, 20 gallons of triclopyr remedy and 100 gallons of dicamba over a competitive bid of $9,365.50 from Markley Service.

? approved a chemical bid of $9,180 from CG&S for 256 ounces of metsulfuron methyl, 16 quarts of milestone, 20 gallons of milestone, two cases of Sahara DG, and one case of Krovar 1 DF over competitive bids of $9,627.40 from Markley Service and $9,953.46 from Ag Service.

? met in executive sessions for 15 minutes with Craft for personnel, by themselves for eight minutes for personnel, for 10 minutes for personnel with Robson, and for 15 minutes with Robson for attorney-client.

? worked through a $814,160.88 payday session.

? heard County Clerk Tina Spencer report the county received $93,788.12 in sales taxes from the state in February from taxes collected by merchants in December, paid to the state in January, and disbursed to the counties in February.

Of that amount, $49,903.82 was the regular sales tax collected for the county for general use, and $43,884.30 was special sales tax collected for jail bond payment.





















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