Child-safety fears prompt alley stop sign

Hearing of two close calls involving child pedestrians, the Hillsboro City Council decided at a special meeting Wednesday to depart from its usual policy and place a stop sign at the end of an alley.

Mayor Delores Dalke said on two occasions a vehicle exiting the south end of the alley between the 100 blocks of South Lincoln and South Jefferson has grazed a child walking on the sidewalk along A Street.

Neither child was seriously injured. Dalke said the backyard fence at 116 S. Lincoln makes visibility difficult as drivers in the alley approach the street.

?I don?t like to put stop signs in alleys, but in this case we really need to,? she said.

A decision to be frugal several years ago caught up with the city as the council voted to purchase a new bucket truck because the used one the city purchased several years ago is no longer safe to use.

Dalke said when the city received insurance money after the city shop burned several years ago, the council at the time decided to buy a used truck and save some of the settlement money that could have been used to purchase a new one.

In other matters, the council:agreed to let newly hired city street superintendent Dale Dalke continue his present job with Mies Construction until as late as June 1. Company owner Earl Mies asked for the concession because of being short-handed on a critical job at Lyons. Citing the city?s good working relationship with Mies Construc?tion on local projects, the council agreed to the request.

  • agreed to sell a city-owned lot in the Willow Glen housing development for $1,330 to David Mathis, who owns a house on the adjacent lot.

  • agreed to sell a red tube slide and the diving boards from the former city swimming pool to the City of Burrton for $2,000.

  • agreed to buy the special paint needed to cover obscene graffiti a vandal had scraped onto one of the tennis courts at the Sports Complex.

  • heard Nicholas Brown has been hired to do city mowing this summer.
    He will begin working as soon as his participation in the Tabor College spring football season is completed.

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