Census Bureau announces resumed field operations

The Census Bureau has announced that they have resumed some 2020 Census field operations in compliance with federal, state, and local health guidance. Kansas re-opened the Census Bureau Offices in Overland Park and Wichita last week. As part of the phased re-opening, the hiring process and update leave operations resumed.
The disruption to census operations in the wake of COVID-19 can be felt especially by rural communities and those with limited access to the internet. Hand delivery of census packets to households in some rural communities and those where most homes receive mail at P.O. boxes were suspended, due to COVID-19. As a result, many households in rural areas have not yet received their census packet including a paper questionnaire and unique ID to respond to the 2020 Census by phone or online.
It has never been easier to respond on your own, whether online, over the phone or by mail—all without having to meet a census taker.

Do you live in a remote, rural area? Homes in your area might start receiving the 2020 Census on your doorstep.

The Census Bureau is delivering forms to homes’ doorsteps who have not received the 2020 Census questionnaire to make sure everyone can respond to the census online, by phone, or by returning the pre-stamped paper form — even if mail delivery doesn’t always come to your house.

Don’t worry, getting your census form delivered is easy and no contact. This helps keep everyone safe.

These paper questionnaires will be dropped at your doorstep by trained Census Bureau field staff wearing face masks and using hand sanitizer.

You can still practice “social distancing” AND fill out the census. Census staff will not knock on your door or interact with the people in your home.

Make sure to check your front door in the coming weeks to see if a census form is waiting for you!

The Census Bureau is closely following official health and safety guidelines so you can safely play your part in building a stronger, better future for your community by completing your 2020 census.

It’s not too late to fill out your 2020 Census.