Bike Across Kansas comes to Marion County

Bikes rest along the walls of the Goessel Grocery and Deli store in Goessel while bikers get pizza and other refreshments inside on Wednesday. The bikers came through Marion County Wednesday and Thursday.

Bikers participating in Bike Across Kansas stayed in Hillsboro overnight on Wednesday and camped out in tents in the old high school football field. There was much for the bikers to see and do from the local coffee shop Rhubarb Market, fresh produce from a Hillsboro Community Hospital booth at the high school, a beer garden near their campground and all the local restaurants and stores. The high school was open for showers and restrooms.

Biking Across Kansas (BAK) is an annual, eight-day, bicycle tour across the state of Kansas from June 11-17. According to their website, the event promotes health and wellness through bicycling, the history and beauty of the Kansas landscape, and the warm hospitality of the Kansas towns and people.

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