Banks agree to low-interest jail notes

The banks of Marion County have given a vote of confidence for the county?s new jail project by loaning $1 million in notes to the county at 1.25 percent interest, which will be paid back to them from the county?s bond issue next year.

David Arterberry, bondsman with George K. Baum & Co. in Kansas City, told the county commission Monday the five banks issuing the notes actually made offers that would have tripled the amount necessary.

The five banks are Citizens State Bank at Hillsboro, Peabody State Bank, Tampa State Bank, Hillsboro State Bank and Marion National Bank.

Commissioner Randy Dallke estimated the proceeds will last through seven months of jail construction.

The commissioners also received notice from the Kansas State Historical Society that the water tower built in 1927 in Hillsboro is under consideration to be added to the national register of historic places.

County Clerk Carol Maggard said this could make funds for the upkeep and restoration of the tower available through federal and state grants, and trust funds.

John Summerville told commissioners construction on the Tampa road surfacing project is at a standstill as workers await a supply of aggregate from a provider backed up on orders.

Commissioner Dan Holub, in touch by teleconference, told the other commissioners he would like to consider widening the Tampa road project to 24 feet from 22 feet because of the volume of truck traffic there.

Commission Chairman Roger Fleming and Dallke both said they are interested in seeing the job done right with a long-lasting surface.

Summerville said such a change definitely would delay the surfacing into next year, although he considers completion of the road unlikely this year anyway.

Holub said he didn?t want to make people in Tampa wait for resurfacing for any longer than necessary. ?That would be absolutely unfair,? he said.

Summerville asked the commissioners to consider a GSI data base service for county bridges that would include photographic views of bridge from all angles for construction decisions.

The commissioners voted 3-0 to allow use of golf carts for handicapped drivers on roads at the county lake.

Dallke joined the positive vote after the other two commissioners assured him they would consider broadening the rule to allow all licensed drivers to operate golf carts on lake roads. Otherwise, he said he would vote no.

Dallke and Fleming voted, in the absence of Holub, to approve conditional use for the location of lease cabins in the heated dock area at the county lake.

Dallke said although this is a step toward construction of cabins by the Holub family, approval of their specific plans by commissioners still would be necessary. He said it also opens the possibility of cabin development by someone other than the Holubs.

The commissioners gave until the first of the year for a family at the county lake to move a garage that violates county setback rules and was built without proper county approval by a previous owner.

Fleming said a neighboring family has complained about the garage. The family bought their property with the garage already in place. Fleming and Dallke said commended the family owning the garage to move it voluntarily.

The commissioners told Dan D?Albini, director of communications, to proceed with the purchase of narrow band radios required for fire, emergency, and road and bridge personnel by the state at a cost of $35 each for a total of $14,490.

D?Albini said the change should eliminate interference from radio frequencies the same in other areas such as those frequently interfering with Marion County personnel from users in Rogers, Arkansas.

D?Albini expects the new radios to be in place by April, 2012, although the state requirement doesn?t call for it to be in place until 2013.

The commissioners said they plan to meet with D?Albini again Tuesday morning to consider a burn ban due to the dry conditions in the county.

D?Albini gave Fleming a copy of an emergency declaration necessary for federal funding in time of disaster, so that he could come to Fleming at any time to facilitate funding for the county through the state.

He said his peer in Cowley County recommended the procedure to him because he has found it hastened emergency response there.

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline has responded to a request from D?Albini to offer a meeting upon request in three weeks for emergency personnel, the commissioners and other interested persons on potential evacuations necessary in the event of a pipeline leak.

The commissioners approved a transfer station request from Director Rollin Schmidt to try using retread tires on the skid loader which would cost much less than new tires.

Dallke said the commissioners would like members of the public who employ appraisers to ask their appraisers to contact the county appraiser for consultation in order to avoid excessive tax payments under protest.

The commissioners authorized County Appraiser Cindy Magill to develop a contract with the county?s GSI contractor to provide data to private companies requesting it for 40 percent of fees with the county receiving 60 percent.

Magill was asked to get approval of the agreement from County Attorney Susan Robson before the commissioners are asked to complete a final form.

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