Art auction will be part of Symphony in the Flint Hills


Teresa Huffman, Marion County economic development director, listens as Jamie Lavin talks about his painting, ?Summertime in the Flint Hills,? which won second place in this year?s contest. Lavin?s work and 11 other paintings will be sold at a silent auction beginning at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 13, on the symphony site. Online bids may be submitted to: until June 12.

As part of the annual Symphony in the Flint Hills to be held Saturday, June 13, artists from around the area are selected to capture the many faces of that region and will be auctioned off, said Louise M. Carlin, Art and Retail chairperson.

?Anyone can participate (in the auction) and for those who don?t have a ticket to go to the symphony,? she said, ?they can submit a bid to: by close of business Friday, June 12.?

This year?s preview of the paintings was held at the Elgin Hotel Wednesday, May 27, in Marion.

Along with artists talking about their recent works, visitors also were able to get a sneak preview of the winning art and the other 11 paintings.

Cally Krallman of Topeka and her acrylic interpretation ?Hills Sonata? was the winner.

?This is a great experience and great exposure (winning this honor,? she said. ?I usually have four to five paintings going on at once.?

Krallman said she enjoys driving around the countryside and either taking photographs or painting on location.

The winning painting, she said, was a combination of two pictures taken in the Chase County area of the Flint Hills.

?I have traveled to many places throughout the world but I am still drawn to the simplistic beauty of Kansas,? she said.

?Many people think of Kansas as just a flat agricultural state, but in fact it is full of wonderful hills, tree lined rivers and creeks, and other unique land formations.?

Last year?s winner, Jamie Lavin of Gardner, is also returning with ?Summertime in the Flint Hills, ?a 36? x 48? oil painting.

For Lavin, the opportunity to be involved in the Flint Hills event is win-win for the artist and symphony.

The reason it?s win-win, he said, is because each artist will set a reserve price and any amount above the reserve is a donation to the Symphony in the Flint Hills.

?I paint for the viewer,? he said about his latest work.

Lavin?s painting brings a myriad of flowers from the area together as a ?visual cocktail.?

The pink stalks, he said, are flowered Beardtongues, the red are Butterfly Milkweed.

For those viewing his art, he explained the blue/purple stalks as Blue Wild Indigo, the light purple with yellow centers, Violet Woodsorrel.

?The yellow and black centered ones, I think, are a form of Black-eyed Susans,? he said.

For people interested in bidding on one or more of the 12 paintings, Carlin provided a list of sizes, prices, and the paintings. They are:

n Zac Banes painting, ?Symphony With the Flint Hills,? a 29? x 36? oil on canvas has a reserve price of $2,100.

n Kim Casebeer?s depiction ?Stone Bridge and Baldies,? is a 12? x 24? oil with a reserve price of $850.

n Louis Copt, ?Burn Near Cedar Point,? is 24? x 30? oil on canvass with a starting bid of $1,325.

n Hugh Greer?s ?Shortcut to Walnut Creek,? is a 20? x 30? acrylic. Reserve price is $3,600.

n Lisa Grossman captured ?Prairie Clouds,? a 12? x 30? oil on canvass at $500.

n Cally Krallman?s winning painting is at a reserve price of $900.

n Dana Hassett named her painting, ?Prairie Concerto?,? a 16 x 20 oil on linen, priced at $1,000.

n Jamie Lavin?s ?Summertime in the Flint Hills? has a reserve price of $2.500.

n Judy Mackey?s ?Prairie Roses and Shadows,? a 30? x 36? oil on canvass is reserve priced at $1,500.

n Gary Ozias and ?Spring Grasses ? Flint Hills,? is a 19? x 23? pastel, priced at $600.

n Joan Parker and ?Reflecting Springtime? is a 16 x 20? oil on canvass with a reserve price of $1,000.

n Deb Schroer?s ?Prairie Dance,? is a 24? x 48? oil on canvass, reserve priced at $1,750.

?Any money above the reserve is a donation to the Symphony in the Flint Hills, which is tax deductible since the organization is a not-for-profit,? said Carlin.

?Bidders may also designate someone to represent them,? she said.

?The Flint Hills are an incredible, wonderful, almost magical place,? a symphony spokesperson said. ?There's no other place like it.?

The symphony begins at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, June 13, near Florence on a private ranch.

For more information about the silent auction or the concert, call 620-273-8955.


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