4-H News (May 11, 2016)

• Members of the Tampa Triple T’s 4-H Club answered roll call at the April 10 meeting by telling what they did for spring break. Members of the Lincolnville Wide Awake 4-H Club evaluated the meeting for the Tampa club.

Members were reminded about 4-H camp at Rock Springs Ranch. There will be 2 sessions of rookie camp.

Don’t forget that May 1 is the deadline for project changes. All entries for the Marion County Fair have to be pre-entered by July 17. There will be a new link for this when the time gets closer. When you pre-enter you will also set the time you want to work in the food stand.

The members of the foods project will be doing the Commissioners’ Cookie Jar.

The buyers’ dinner for the people who purchase projects at the sale will not be the responsibility of the 4-Hers.

Hanne McDermott gave a demonstration on making a goat coat. Cailey Barney did a demonstration on making Easter balloon decorations. Refreshments were served by the McDermott and Will families.

Our next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, May 8. Roll call will be your mom’s favorite flower. Talks will be given by Cecilia Rziha, Daniel Rziha and Avery Monnington. Hosts will be the Rziha and Rziha families. The junior officers will preside over the meeting.

—Hanne McDermott, reporter

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