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Father-son bond is inspiring, and metaphor

?Tis the season to be cynical?steroid use by athletes, win-at-all-cost coaches, unethical officials, unruly fans, out-of-sight salaries paid to professional athletes and college and professional coaches, to name just a few.

Or ?tis the season to remember that sports and athletic competition can actually heal and bring people closer together.

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Cross country isn?t for the attention-hungry athlete

You?ve heard the line, ?If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound??

Similarly, if you are a cross-country runner and no one is around to see you run, did you really run?

Such is the fate of athletes who compete in what has to be among the most invisible of all high school and collegiate sports?cross country.

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Tasting wins makes losing hard to swallow

Watching Tabor College football this fall was deja vu all over again.

Tabor?s football history has far more lows than highs. And while the past four to five years ranked anywhere from good to great to amazing, this year came closer to resembling the norm.

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Compassion fixes homecoming popularity contest, touches a life

Homecoming never was a big deal to me in high school or college. The festivities were OK, but I never was into the king or queen, or host and hostess contest.

Maybe it?s sour grapes because I was never a candidate, but I don?t think so. Even then I realized that it was a glorified popularity contest. Besides, the kids who won usually were friends of mine.

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Coaches like limelight more than criticism

Nobody said coaching is easy. Well, maybe some disagree with that opinion, but there?s more to coaching than coaching. Got that?

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Paterno asks team to clean stadium, polish reputation

Coaches use many forms of discipline when dealing with undisciplined or misbehaving student-athletes. Run extra laps, bench a player, suspend a player for a game?these are the routine forms of punishment.

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An open letter to USD 410 regarding the mental health risks of recess games

To whom it may concern:

Whether you want it publicly known or not, my entire K-12 education occurred in Hillsboro and USD 410. I had my ups and downs, but I really didn?t have any complaints . . . until now.

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Some candid, some can-didn’t

The first reality-based comedy TV show in history can be traced back to 1948, which I?m happy to say is before my time. In fact, it was a radio program in 1947 before making the transition to television.

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Local sports better than big-time in bang for the buck, enjoyment

There?s a saying that ?you get what you pay for.? When it comes to sports, I?m not so sure. Yes, the talent of major college athletic programs and professional sports teams far surpasses what you?ll see in Marion County. But for your money, I?d say the enjoyment value is far greater watching local athletes compete.

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Big sports scandals challenge even the most optimistic fan

?Life is great,? said my agent I.M. Slick. ?It doesn?t get much better than this.?

?What are you talking about?? I asked.

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