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Who holds the Royals HR record?

Summer will be over before you know it and it will be time for Tabor?s and Hillsboro?s new football stadium to open. But, let?s slow down, relax and ponder a plethora of sports trivia. n Is it an oxymoron to say the Kansas City Royals have an all-time single-season home run leader when the record is only 36? Do you […]

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If coaches said what they really thought during those TV chats…

At the professional and major college level, we?ve become familiar with post-game press conferences in which coaches and some athletes sit at a table taking questions from reporters. But when did the media begin encroaching on coaches during games? It happens all the time, before or after halftime of college football games, during quarter breaks in NBA games, and between […]

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TC athletics spared from cuts…wisely?

In spite of all the government bailouts, 2009 may well be remembered as the year of widespread layoffs and cutbacks. Few businesses, including area colleges, are recession proof. Cutting positions is never easy; nor should it be. Being an administrator is challenging under the best of circumstances, but when the economy goes in the tank, it becomes especially difficult. I […]

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Ask not for whom the beep tolls; it tolls for these

The standard answering machine message says, ?You?ve reached Joe Blow. I?m sorry I can?t come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name, telephone number and a brief message, I’ll get back to you.? Over the years, people have devised interesting, humorous and/or obnoxious messages. Assuming we had phone numbers for celebrities and sports icons, wouldn?t it […]

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Beyond Belief: the Josh Hamilton story

Josh Hamilton might be Major League Baseball?s version of the Bible?s prodigal son. Hamilton, a rising star since grade school, became the top pick in the 1999 MLB draft after graduating from high school. He signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for $3.96 million, a record amount at the time for a top draft pick. Playing minor league baseball, […]

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Sidd Finch near the top of sports’ April Fools’ Day superstars

Be honest. Have you ever fallen for something that sounded too good to be true? If so, you?re probably in the majority. Does the name Sidd Finch mean anything to you? I?ll have more on that shortly. Most of us have been victimized by a bogus offer or a practical joke. I’ll bet even those with a relatively high IQ […]

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Long arms of big-college recruiters getting longer

Oklahoma University basketball coach Jeff Capel was in the crowd during a Wichita City League high school basketball game I was officiating between Heights and Kapaun Mt. Carmel in February. I?ll go out on a limb and say I?m quite sure he wasn?t there to watch me. Capel came to watch Perry Ellis, the freshman phenom from Heights, a talented […]

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What’s wrong with winning 100-0?

No single high school basketball game this season has received as much nationwide publicity as the 100-0 victory by The Covenant School, a private Christian school, over Dallas Academy. The Texas high school girls basketball game also caught the attention of my agent I.M. Slick, who thinks the coach of the winning team is getting a bad rap. Joe: Please […]

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QB Warner is a real NFL legend

Depending on your emotional state, the following story will either be inspiring and too good to be true, or it may affect your gag reflex. Hey, not everyone marches to the same drummer.

One of the better-known love stories in professional sports involves Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and his wife, Brenda.

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Dungy stands out as coach and human being

Coaches expect to be evaluated on the basis of wins and losses. In Tony Dungy?s case, his life supersedes an outstanding record.

I?ve never met Dungy, but I?ve always respected his coaching style. He has been described as thoughtful, classy and a winner to boot.

When he recently announced his resignation as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, the accolades poured in. Dungy has 148 career wins, including the playoffs, and ranks 19th all-time in victories.

He was the first black coach to win a Super Bowl, the first coach in league history to reach the postseason in 10 consecutive seasons, and the only coach to preside over six straight seasons of 12 wins or more.

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