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Parkside invites public to Safety & Wellness week, fair

Parkside Homes Inc. is hosting a Summer Safety & Wellness Week June 11-15, followed by a Summer Safety & Wellness Fair on Saturday, June 16.

After focusing on weight loss, exercising and eating right for the past few months, Parkside residents and staff are learning that the ?wellness? concept covers so much more.

Topics such as identity fraud awareness, wearing a scatbelt, eating breakfast, putting on sunscreen, handling grief and handling foods safely all affect one’s wellness. Parkside wants the community to join them as they learn about these topics and more.

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Healthy Geezer- Losing balance is common but dangerous issue

Q: I?m not sure what?s going on, but, once in a while, I find myself losing my balance. Is this just an aging thing or what?

A: About one in 10 people over 65 experience difficulty with balance. More than 40 percent of Americans will go to a doctor complaining of dizziness. Getting older is only part of the problem.

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Healthy Geezer- Sleepytime tips for seniors

Q. Do older people need more sleep?

A. Seniors need about the same amount of sleep as younger adults?seven to nine hours a night.

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Healthy Geezer- Be prepared to handle your grandkids? germs

Q Do grandparents get more colds than seniors without grandchildren?

A: I was unable to find any specific data on grandparents and colds. However, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reports that, in families with children in school, the number of colds per child can be as high as 12 a year. NIAID also reports that all people older than 60 average fewer than one cold a year.

Put those over-60s in those homes with school children and it doesn?t take a mathematician to figure out that the number of colds in grandparents will jump significantly.

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