Staff Soapbox

Staff Comment- You can do something about these issues


It should be apparent to you by now that there are three great, related crises going on that you absolutely have the power to do something about.

You might tell me that the part you play in each is small compared to the total number of people needed to sway each one of them. But don?t you dare tell me you lack the power, therefore, to make a difference, or that you don?t count.

Scientific advancements help humanity extend its reach as far as it can


Recent events inspired me to write about a few things that have been on my mind lately. They?re aspects of something Bill O?Reilly calls the ?culture war.? See, I?m one of those people O?Reilly would call a ?secular progressive.?

To begin, let?s consider that phrase for a moment. The first word is secular. Merriam-Webster?s online dictionary lists one of the definitions as ?not overtly or specifically religious.? That certainly fits me.

The second word is progressive. As opposed to what, Bill? Regressive? Should we regress socially to the days of slavery or to feudalism or all the way back to tribalism? Should we regress back to stone-age technologically? Of course not.