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Relay pulls us together each year

Relay for Life is the hope that loved ones lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who are battling cancer will be supported and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

This annual event is one of many good causes that brings people from Marion County together and rotates between Marion and Hillsboro locations. It will be at the Tabor College track in Hillsboro beginning at 7 p.m. July 20 and ending at 7 a.m. July 21. If you haven?t experienced the relay there is still time to find a team or sponsor someone. For more information contact Ralph Kreutziger at 620-382-2215.

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Even my relatives are Fuller, too

If anyone says there?s nothing to do around here, you can tell them for me that they are wrong. Our calendar is full and seems to be getting getting even fuller. I even have relatives whose last name is Fuller

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Trick Pony in park was picturesque

  • The setting couldn?t have been more perfect than it was this past Saturday night for the Chingawassa Trick Pony concert in Marion?s Cen?tral Park.

    The weather was gorgeous?the winds were calm, the evening sky was pure blue and the stage was symmetrically framed by the trees.

    I think it was during the second song, ?Mama Burnt the Kitchen Down,? when the generator feeding the electricity to the stage burned up, creating an instant silence. Quick action by the crew backstage got it going again and the rest of the show went on without a hitch.

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Good times are only 10 miles away

With high gas prices these days, the perfect opportunity for fun and entertainment lies just a few miles away. You don?t need to drive to Mem?phis to get your Elvis fix. Chingawassa Days in Marion is featuring an Elvis Tribute contest Friday night. It?s an official contest, so the winner could qualify for the finals at Grace?land. Entrants from quite a few states are on tap.

This is just one of many nifty events planned for the weekend.

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Casino plan makes no sense

Is there more to read about casinos and the effect they have on communities in the news?including national news these days?or is it just because Kansas is going down that slippery road and I am more aware of the issue?

    From what I have read, the whole idea is flawed down to the paltry 22 percent take that the state is willing to take for putting so many people at risk.

    I really can?t believe, with so many casinos surrounding us now, that Wichita (which is where the casino will go) could become a destination casino.

    And without it being a destination, it will have to make a living off of locals. Then the money is shifted out of the local economy to the gaming interests.

    A lousy return on the hard-earned dollar, in my opinion.

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Three trips in one day

I can?t remember the last time I went to Marion three times in one day, but did it last Friday. It was business and pleasure that took me there.

I needed to be here and there at the same time, which made it necessary to run back and forth.

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Greensburg experience difficult

  • When watching the weather on television Friday night, we knew Greensburg was probable for a tornado. Since my cousin Paul Unruh and wife Shirley live there, I took more notice of the warning than usual.

    My heart sank Saturday morning when I read an e-mail from Paul?s sister Carol that Paul and Shirley?s farm seven miles south of town had been hit and everything was destroyed.

  • I decided to help clean up. I knew other cousins and family members were going there Saturday, so I decided to wait until Sunday and take my brother-in-law along.
    Not knowing exactly how to get there because U.S. Highway 54 was closed at Pratt, we opted to take U.S. Highway 50 to Kins?ley and then south on 183 past the west side of Greensburg.

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Father, son share good moment

In the like-father-like-son department, I headed to the James Thomas
Invitational track meet Friday. I ran into Greg Topham, his wife and
her parents just after the boys? 3,200-meter race. They were delighted
as Topham?s son, Andrew, running for Peabody-Burns, had just bettered
Greg?s all-time high school best by about a second.

They now have a special memory that will stay with them for a
lifetime. Andrew is listed as having one of the state?s best times this
season in the 3,200.

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E-mail let us down last week

We had a serious problem with our e-mail at the Free Press this past
Friday and Saturday and we hope we haven?t missed anything that will
cause big problems for anyone. E-mail is one of our key ways to
communicate these days.

We determined Saturday night that our spam filter had diverted
284,000 e-mails to a folder reated for unwanted e-mail. That number is
the maximum number of files a folder on our server can hold. So once it
was full it started chucking everything that came in at that point,
which means those e-mails are gone forever.

That folder is now set to automatically empty. Now we?ll just have to wait for the next problem we don?t yet know about.

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Leave town and the snow flies

As Yogi Berra used to say, ?It was d?ja vu all over again.?

We?re starting to believe that all we need to do is leave town and it will snow?even if it is April. All we saw when we returned Saturday night were the unmelted little white scoopfuls where people had cleared walks and drives.

Don?t put your snow shovels away yet. I?m leaving again on Thursday for Iowa.

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