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Another trip in the whirlwind

The whirlwind continues. We headed to sunny California and Palm Springs for the annual Association of Free Community Papers convention and trade show this past week and built in a little time to see Dave and Penny and niece Whitney in Los Angeles.

This will be my third year for peddling my photobook book printing to newspapers and other publications. The publishers and other key people who attend these events are starting to recognize me and the service I offer.

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Staff birth more than Just a baby

We are beaming at the Free Press this week as Gracelyn Abigail Just was born to our features and news writer Malinda and husband Brad Just last Wednesday.

They couldn?t be prouder and we couldn?t be happier for them.

I got to see Gracelyn and even hold her. I can tell you she is Just perfect.

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Whirlwind week was a good ride

Life is never dull around here. This past week has been a whirlwind for me. My Jayhawks pulled off one of the biggest miracle finishes in NCAA Final Four history, which I have watched over and over?not to mention all the articles and Web stuff I just had to read.

Plus, I took a bus ride to Des Moines this past Thursday under the guise of saving money and for the experience. I have never ridden the bus anywhere before.

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Sometimes you have to steam

My wife still reads my column. In the early days of the Free Press she read it before it went to press for some reason?now she just reads it in the paper.

I was informed that last week?s column was a little heavy and, after reading it again myself, I agreed. After a while things build up and you have to let off a little steam.

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Candidates for prez are unsuitable

None of the candidates for president from either party suit me at all. I couldn?t and wouldn?t campaign for any of them nor would I send them one dime. No matter who wins, we get more of the same.

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Apple a day isn?t always a sure cure

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away?but if you?re sick and need a doctor it?s not a good idea. I?ve eaten a lot of apples lately but to no avail. I still end up at the clinic for myriad reasons. At least they are nice to me there?nicer than I deserve.

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Directions still off by a quarter
Directions still off by a quarter

Directions still off by a quarter

I?ve lived in Hillsboro for two-thirds of my life, and I still must not know my directions.

Mot Ttelp pulled me aside and said he had also played in the old Tabor College barn, but corrected me on where I located it in last week?s column. It was actually south across the old highway, and not west of the college.

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Shaving in the shower has pros, cons

I?ve been shaving for more than 40 years now and I?ve never shaved in the shower until last week.

The cord was barely long enough.

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Beep in the night code for help

This is about sounds that go beep in the night. Once in a while my cell phone makes beeps during the night, like a low battery warning or that I have a voice message. I would really like to turn it off, but my world requires that I be available for problems that crop up day or night.?

Early Sunday we had a different beep in the night. It wouldn?t quit
so I got up to investigate. After stumbling around for a while I
learned it was our oven telling us it was malfunctioning. Error code F7.

reset the clear/off button and went back to bed. A few minutes later it
started all over again, wanting us to know that it still needed help.

A quick trip down to the breaker box silenced it for good but that also means the oven doesn?t work.



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GPS a bit complex for most

More and more people I know are buying a GPS system to aid in their travels. I started checking them out myself, but the reviews seem to indicate they all have some type of flaw or are too complicated to use when considering all of the features.

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