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Best bet for fuel relief is ‘natural’

I?ve been mull?ing it over about breaking our dependence upon foreign oil and can?t help but think that it won?t be solved until we figure out how to easily make our cars, trucks, trains and boats more efficient.

Switching all of our vehicles to hybrids and electric will take a long time since not everyone is in a position to buy a new vehicle just now. And it isn?t possible to make enough ethanol to substitute for all of the gasoline we need.

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A week of big stories and events

The issue regarding the one percent sales tax proposed for a new jail was one of the biggest stories of this past week. It befuddles me that we are just now starting to hear what is actually planned one month from the election. The information presented was vague at best and biased.

After the Hillsboro meeting I had a man come to me and say he had seen in my column that I hadn?t found anyone who supported the jail idea. He said, ?Well, now you have.?

He went on to say, if I understood correctly, that he bought a vehicle and groceries out of the county because he didn?t receive friendly treatment locally.

There are two major problems I see with that mindset. He doesn?t intend on helping pay for the jail anyway and won?t be contributing to the local sales tax collections regardless of what they are used for.


Tabor?s centennial celebration and homecoming was another major event this past weekend. It looked like a big success to me and included many visitors from far and wide.

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‘Helpful’ is harder than it looks

In my mind I was being very helpful at home the other day. I thought I would load the dishwasher and maybe end up with a few brownie points.

When I put the last of the dirty dishes in?Yikes!?it was mostly full of clean dishes.

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Water may be the next scarcity

I?m reading more and more about how water and its pending scarcity may become an even higher priority for the world than energy.

Lately I?m doing my part to save on water since I hardly ever wash my vehicles anymore.

The first few cars I owned were washed the moment any dust or dirt showed up on them. I even paid attention to the tires and either wiped them down with soap or something like Armorall.

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School will help area employers

What do you do when you need workers and have trouble finding them if you are a local trailer manufacturer? You grow your own.

I am impressed with the new welding program that is being launched right here in Hillsboro to train the work force of welders that our trailer manufacturers will be needing in the foreseeable future.

Circle D and Hillsboro Industries have partnered with Butler Community College to begin a welding program in cooperation with the city of Hillsboro in the former DFA plant. Looks like a win, win situation for everyone.


Brett Reber, president of McPherson Industrial Develop?ment Co., who spoke at the annual Hillsboro Development Corp. meeting last Tuesday night, underscored one of the challenges that will be facing their industrial base in the next five years. He said based on surveys they have taken there, McPherson industries will be short about 1,000 workers as the older members of the work force move into retirement.

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Some cost cuts come at a price

We see cost-cutting and money-stretching moves in almost every part of our fabric these days. I don?t remember a time when it has been more prevalent than it is right now.

Some items are now sold in smaller packages to keep the price the same?which, in effect, is an increase.

In order to save $3,000 per year, the University of Kansas recently decided to quit blowing the steam whistle that could be heard across campus to signal the time for classes to change.

That maneuver created a huge outcry from alums from all over who felt it was one tradition that just couldn?t be ended like that. So, based on the feedback, the chancellor reinstated the traditional whistle.

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Ever had a ‘fall down’ day before?

Have you ever had a falling-down day? Some days for me are just like that.

In the book-printing business, I usually deliver the local orders for books just because I like to do it, and I think I can give better customer service when I personally make the delivery. And it?s always rewarding to see the look on the faces of my customers who can finally see the results of all of their hard work.

The falling down part came when I was delivering two orders on the same day recently.

First, I didn?t see a television that was hanging out into a walkway and was knocked down because I did not see it in time. After I picked myself up off of the floor, I was told they were going to get that thing moved for that very reason.

Later that day, I had a load of four boxes on my two-wheeler and was backing up to turn and roll the load into the building. I then tripped over a door stop I didn?t see beneath my feet and started going down backward.

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Wedding was a treat for family

Twenty hours in the car, 20 hours at the hotel and 20 hours at the wedding and reception with family describes this past weekend.

Weddings are a great time to get together and we are very happy for my sister Elaine and her entire family on the wedding of our niece, Jeanette, in St. Paul, Minn., this past Saturday afternoon.

The weather couldn?t have been better for the reception that followed in a nearby park. If they even come close to following what the priest said to them at the ceremony they will be fine.


Our other niece, Gloria, sang in a trio with a few friends at the reception and put on a great medley of tunes from the ?60s. The food was catered by the new boyfriend of one of the singers who is a chef at one of Minne?apolis? finer spots downtown. It was fantastic, and it was rum?ored he agreed to prepare the food to impress his new girlfriend.

Mission accomplished.

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Watching Olympics is good TV

The Olympics always provide some good television. There?s way more to see than we have time for, but I like the sports competition I am familiar with, like track and field, swimming, gymnastics. I liked basketball before the pros took it over.

Especially interesting to watch this year was Michael Phelps, with his eight gold medals, and the sprinters?both men and women?from Jamaica.


I don?t know how many people noticed it, but a photo of men?s 100-meter-dash winner, 21-year-old Usain Bolt of Jamaica, showed that his left shoe was untied at the end of the race. I wonder if it was that way from the beginning? It didn?t matter. And that he slowed down before the finish and still won in world-record time was even more remarkable.

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We feel good about 10 years

With last week?s edition of the Free Press we have completed a full 10 years of publishing a free community weekly newspaper. It feels good. We have many people to thank for our longevity. Our first edition on Aug. 12, 1998, included contributions from Natalie Roth, David Hanigar, Diane Steiner, Andy Johnson, Connie Faber, Ellyne Wiebe, partner Don Ratzlaff and […]

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