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School will help area employers

What do you do when you need workers and have trouble finding them if you are a local trailer manufacturer? You grow your own.

I am impressed with the new welding program that is being launched right here in Hillsboro to train the work force of welders that our trailer manufacturers will be needing in the foreseeable future.

Circle D and Hillsboro Industries have partnered with Butler Community College to begin a welding program in cooperation with the city of Hillsboro in the former DFA plant. Looks like a win, win situation for everyone.


Brett Reber, president of McPherson Industrial Develop?ment Co., who spoke at the annual Hillsboro Development Corp. meeting last Tuesday night, underscored one of the challenges that will be facing their industrial base in the next five years. He said based on surveys they have taken there, McPherson industries will be short about 1,000 workers as the older members of the work force move into retirement.

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Some cost cuts come at a price

We see cost-cutting and money-stretching moves in almost every part of our fabric these days. I don?t remember a time when it has been more prevalent than it is right now.

Some items are now sold in smaller packages to keep the price the same?which, in effect, is an increase.

In order to save $3,000 per year, the University of Kansas recently decided to quit blowing the steam whistle that could be heard across campus to signal the time for classes to change.

That maneuver created a huge outcry from alums from all over who felt it was one tradition that just couldn?t be ended like that. So, based on the feedback, the chancellor reinstated the traditional whistle.

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Ever had a ‘fall down’ day before?

Have you ever had a falling-down day? Some days for me are just like that.

In the book-printing business, I usually deliver the local orders for books just because I like to do it, and I think I can give better customer service when I personally make the delivery. And it?s always rewarding to see the look on the faces of my customers who can finally see the results of all of their hard work.

The falling down part came when I was delivering two orders on the same day recently.

First, I didn?t see a television that was hanging out into a walkway and was knocked down because I did not see it in time. After I picked myself up off of the floor, I was told they were going to get that thing moved for that very reason.

Later that day, I had a load of four boxes on my two-wheeler and was backing up to turn and roll the load into the building. I then tripped over a door stop I didn?t see beneath my feet and started going down backward.

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Wedding was a treat for family

Twenty hours in the car, 20 hours at the hotel and 20 hours at the wedding and reception with family describes this past weekend.

Weddings are a great time to get together and we are very happy for my sister Elaine and her entire family on the wedding of our niece, Jeanette, in St. Paul, Minn., this past Saturday afternoon.

The weather couldn?t have been better for the reception that followed in a nearby park. If they even come close to following what the priest said to them at the ceremony they will be fine.


Our other niece, Gloria, sang in a trio with a few friends at the reception and put on a great medley of tunes from the ?60s. The food was catered by the new boyfriend of one of the singers who is a chef at one of Minne?apolis? finer spots downtown. It was fantastic, and it was rum?ored he agreed to prepare the food to impress his new girlfriend.

Mission accomplished.

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Watching Olympics is good TV

The Olympics always provide some good television. There?s way more to see than we have time for, but I like the sports competition I am familiar with, like track and field, swimming, gymnastics. I liked basketball before the pros took it over.

Especially interesting to watch this year was Michael Phelps, with his eight gold medals, and the sprinters?both men and women?from Jamaica.


I don?t know how many people noticed it, but a photo of men?s 100-meter-dash winner, 21-year-old Usain Bolt of Jamaica, showed that his left shoe was untied at the end of the race. I wonder if it was that way from the beginning? It didn?t matter. And that he slowed down before the finish and still won in world-record time was even more remarkable.

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We feel good about 10 years

With last week?s edition of the Free Press we have completed a full 10 years of publishing a free community weekly newspaper. It feels good. We have many people to thank for our longevity. Our first edition on Aug. 12, 1998, included contributions from Natalie Roth, David Hanigar, Diane Steiner, Andy Johnson, Connie Faber, Ellyne Wiebe, partner Don Ratzlaff and […]

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The view from the grandsons

It has taken a decade to get to this day, but I have convinced my grandsons, Louis, 8, and Alex, 10, to share some of their impressions and observations of the Hillsboro scene.

They flew back to Atlanta last night but it?s been a great two weeks having them stay at our house. ?JK


Well here?s a bummer, our mom told us there wasn?t a carnival right as we got off the plane. Do you how it feels to be let known that there?s not going to be a carnival at a bad time like 11:10 at night? ?AC

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Busy days won’t end very soon

I wonder what it would be like to have nothing to do. Can?t imagine it would even be possible. It?s been a whirlwind around here for the past week and it doesn?t appear that will change anytime soon. Amy and George have come and gone already but left the boys behind to stay with us until next week.

We sat down Sunday night to make a list of what we are going to do for nine days. It?s quite extensive.


At the fair, George and the boys took a liking to the animals in the 4-H barns. He thought it would be neat to have a goat to mow their hilly backyard in Atlanta and eat the leftovers from the restaurant. The boys thought it would be cool to have some bunnies for pets. I?m betting neither will get their wish.

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More proof that its a small world

Here?s one of those interesting ?small-world? stories. Via e-mail, daughter Amy described how she was riding on a shuttle with George and the boys at the Newark, N.J., airport to pick up a rental car. They were headed to George?s dad?s surprise 70th birthday party in eastern Pennsylvania.

On the shuttle was a family with a daughter who was wearing a KU shirt. Following initial conversation, Amy learned the family was from Newton and the dad had an appointment at a Hills?boro dentist this week.

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Sales tax for jail is a bad idea

Finally, we know the commissioner?s decision on how they plan to finance a new 72-bed jail-for-hire. They?ll ask us to approve a 1 percent county-wide sales tax on the November general-election ballot.

It?s no secret that I oppose this idea. It is my opinion that a 1 percent sales tax would put our businesses?and everyone living in the county?in peril.

Forget for a moment that the jail-for-hire concept is risky. I don?t think anyone could say that having the highest sales taxes in the state of Kansas would be a good thing. While it would harm big-ticket businesses in Hillsboro the most, it would have a negative impact on the entire county.

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