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There’s a reason for no outrage

This week I am printing a letter I received from Pastor Randy Smith in response to my column last week. This isn?t the first time he has had a different take on things than me, but makes some valid points for sure.

I haven?t reprinted a letter before in this space, but I normally don?t have someone who takes my words as much to heart like my minister does.


Dear Joel,

Last week you asked us, ?Where is the outrage?? I think I know. Or at least I have a theory. The answer is found in the wisdom of that classic cartoon strip, Pogo: ?We have met the enemy and he is us.?

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Where is the outrage about feds?

It seems to me there aren?t many people who are as fed up with Wash?ing?ton as I am?especially when it comes to the recent bailout fever. Where will this end?

The bailout isn?t really about helping Main Street. It is about helping executives who are in bed with many of our congressional leaders from both parties under the guise of helping Main Street.

The fact that pork spending was added to the first bailout package to get it to pass is unconscionable.

Where is the outrage?

Those who agree with me seem to think there is nothing we can do about it. Given the entrenchment of our politicians in Con?gress there really isn?t much hope for any meaningful change. Incumbents have a war chest before the elections ever begin so a challenger has an extremely difficult time making a successful run for office.

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What we need is a ‘cold shot’

For many years I have resisted getting a flu shot, but an article in the newspaper?pointed out to me by my better half?led me to get one this time around. It didn?t hurt and it didn?t make me sick either.

What I should have gotten, though, was a cold shot. I?ve had two colds already and don?t know what I did to deserve either one of them. Cold shot don?t really exist, but I think the way to avoid colds is to stay away from other people and sleep about 10 hours a day?neither of which I am able to do.

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Snyder’s return is… interesting

Bill Snyder is back to coach K-State football? I?m sure he has his reasons but I don?t get it.

Seems to me like things are never the same the second time around, but all power cat to him.


Since football is on my brain today I am still trying to figure out how Texas Tech melted down like they did in Norman. The Sooners just dominated the Red Raiders. But as they say, on any given day anything can happen.

And that?s the draw for college sports. Anything can happen.


When I wrote about the Lawrence/Florence thing last week I didn?t remember the craziest part of the conversation.

I said maybe I could go along and watch a KU basketball game.

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Customer service is in decline

Customer service seems to be a thing of the past in a lot of places these days, although pockets of it still exist.

Last week Thursday and Friday I was out of town for 30 hours on a quick trip to Du?buque, Iowa, to deliver a load of paperback books that I, had I not had good customer service, wouldn?t have been able to deliver on time. I needed really good customer service from one printer because of bad customer service from another.


It was a chain reaction, of sorts. But the bad service was compounded by bad service from a delivery company that triggered the bad service from one of the printers.


Because of my trip, I wasn?t able to attend the opening night at the new Wendy?s in Hillsboro. In honor of the event I stopped at a Wendy?s in Des Moines to make up for it.

On Saturday, when I was back in town, we went to our Wendy?s.

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Courthouse watch was interesting

I spent an interesting evening at the courthouse Tuesday night as I followed the election returns and uploaded the info to our Free Press Web site.

When I arrived about 9 p.m. only three of the 12 polling places had been counted and posted. I found a bench with an outlet nearby and plugged in my wireless router and my laptop and hooked up to the Internet.

We had made a template for our breaking news story for the election results ahead of time so all I needed to do was fill in the numbers and update the article from the back end of our Web site.

County Clerk Carol Maggard and her support staff had things well organized. They posted the results to the county Web site, which was projected onto the south wall of the main floor of the courthouse. They also wrote the information by hand on a grease board set up in the main hallway.


To make it easier for myself I just logged on to the county?s Web site and pulled the numbers from it and transferred them to our Free Press site as they were updated.

In all, I updated the results 17 times throughout the evening until about midnight, when the final results had been counted.

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Let’s alter our clocks each week?

My favor?ite time of the year is when the time changes in my favor, as it did on Sunday. It?s then easy to get up early. Unfortu?nately, the body clock adjusts and it is back to normal in about a week.

I once said I thought we should have a time change every weekend. In fact I mentioned it the other day and no one had heard me say it before?or least didn?t remember it.

The way it would work is the time would spring forward on Friday night and then fall back again on Sunday night for an extra hour before going back to work on Monday.

That would only work, though, if one has the weekend off.


I am amazed at all of the corn piled up in the ?hockey rink? just north and west of the Cooperative Grain & Supply elevator. I wonder how they pull the tarp over all that grain. When the tarp was pulled over the other day, it looked like one huge circus tent.

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A lot is at stake in the election

This is the last week before the big Nov. 4 general election. A lot is at stake in both the national, state and local elections.

What is decided on the national level won?t have as much direct affect on us as the county outcome. Nationally, the two-party system that will preserve the status quo. Both parties have run our country in the ditch. Plenty of blame to go around.

Until the special-interest groups are out of the mix we will continue to have earmarks and spending that exceeds what we take in. Too much dishonesty in what the candidates say. It?s sad.


The Marion County jail issue is the biggest election issue for us by far. Based on what we have heard at the meetings held around the county this past week?I went to all three of them?it?s clear to me this issue shouldn?t even be on the ballot, based on the flimsy information we have been given by Law/King?don achitectural firm. They build jails and collect a big fee if they get the job.

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Welding school a good idea

There was big excitement on North Main last Wednesday with the opening of the new Butler County College welding school. This is the kind of thinking that will make this country move forward. If workers are needed, then grow your own, so to speak.

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Best bet for fuel relief is ‘natural’

I?ve been mull?ing it over about breaking our dependence upon foreign oil and can?t help but think that it won?t be solved until we figure out how to easily make our cars, trucks, trains and boats more efficient.

Switching all of our vehicles to hybrids and electric will take a long time since not everyone is in a position to buy a new vehicle just now. And it isn?t possible to make enough ethanol to substitute for all of the gasoline we need.

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