Precipitation is a precious commodity


My Easter trip to Kansas was a chance to experience three of the four seasons in seven days. It was spring when I arrived with trees flowering and budding. This was followed by a day of summer with the temperatures approaching 80 degrees. The next afternoon 6 inches of winter snow blanketed flowers and early blooming trees. I saw a snowman built on top of dandelions.

Proving the Theory of Mass Stupidity


Do I have a good reason? No. Does anyone ever have a good reason? No. But did I do it anyway? Yes.

Why am I answering my own questions? I don?t know.

The point is that I did do it, and that it probably wasn?t the smartest thing I could have done.

But there comes a point in every teenager?s life, in my case Monday, when one just has to say, ?Enough is enough! I?m tired of complying to social standards and conforming to what everyone tells me to do. I?m going to rebel. I?m going to be a unique individual. I?m going to poke an extra hole in my head!?

Leave town and the snow flies


As Yogi Berra used to say, ?It was d?ja vu all over again.?

We?re starting to believe that all we need to do is leave town and it will snow?even if it is April. All we saw when we returned Saturday night were the unmelted little white scoopfuls where people had cleared walks and drives.

Don?t put your snow shovels away yet. I?m leaving again on Thursday for Iowa.


Decision to shave was an about face



Rare photo: Bob Woelk without facial hair.

?What happened?? That was my favorite response spoken by several people when they first viewed my freshly shaven face over spring break in March.

They spoke it as if there had been some terrible accident, and I had somehow gotten my upper lip and chin in the way.

Once people got over the shock of the way I looked, they invariably asked why I had done it. The simple answer was because I had worn the mustache for a full 30 years, and I wanted to see what I looked like without it. I wanted to see if I appeared younger. After all, my salt-and-pepper facial hair had become much more salty and peppery of late.